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Major issue with MAMEUI 64 v0.184 Launchbox v7.8


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I am having a real problem, whenever I launch a MAME rom through Launchbox 7.8 everything runs fine until I setup the controls for the game. After I bring up the menu in MAME and setup the controls for whatever game I am trying to play the XBox 360 controller stops responding completely. Alternatively, if I right click on a MAME rom and launch MAMEUI 64 v0.184 then launch the game through the emulator itself everything works perfectly, so I know it is not a problem with my game pad or PC, and even MAME runs fine until after I setup the controls. Every other emulator plays fine with no issues, It is just MAME that I am having problems with. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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That seems new to me, so I don't have an exact fix, but I'll try and help you out. Do you have the controller enabled inside of LaunchBox? If so, try disabling it in the options. Also, MAME should be auto-configing the controller when it loads up. So either, leaving your set up controls alone or letting it go it's thing, without ever bringing up the menu, does your controller still give out? In other words, does your controller stop working no matter what after you launch MAME?

Edit: Oh, and when you edit MAME inside of LaunchBox, do you have anything in the AHK script tab?

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Not sure how to advise. I've had a similar problem with MameUI32/64 on and off for the past year where Mame keeps losing the Xbox controller settings intermittently when restarting. I've tried changing write settings in the INI file and even making the files read only but it still randomly loses the controller configurations  .... 

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