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We can not officially link anything but I can tell you to google search nointro rom sets. Pleasuredrome (awful name I know) is a very good tracker for these sets. You will have to build your ratio up but if you seed the mame sets for a while you will get in good standing quickly. 

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NoIntro is the name of rom sets for cartridge based consoles. Basically it means that there are no intro scenes that may have been patched into a rom dump and released to the internet by a release group.

Essentially they are the cleanest and proper roms out there. There are the "GoodSets" but those packs contain every single region and variation of roms while the No-Intro sets are cleaner with far less useless trash. They are the defacto standard that people use, if you try and use the netplay feature in Retroarch they will 99% of the time be using a No-Intro version of a rom.

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