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Box - Front - Reconstructed vs. Fanart - Box - Front


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I recently had an image approved for GBC Dragon Warrior 1 & 2, but I fear I may have submitted it under the wrong category. It's a fun, simple image I photoshopped together because the original real cover art is terrible. However, I submitted it under "Box-Front-Reconstructed" because I didn't realize that "Fanart-Box-Front" was an option.

1st, what is the difference between these two categories, and which category should I have used?
2nd, the database now displays my not real box art as the main image for this game! Even though that makes me smile, I would think it should instead display the original and true box art. What should I do to fix this?

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Reconstructed means that the cover is a mimic of the original, but re-drawn, photoshoped or anything else you could have done to literally reconstruct it for a higher resolution. Color correction only doesn't count. Actually re-building it or replacing art on it for higher resolution stuff is reconstructing it. Fanart Cover means someone created a completely new cover for it, not like the original, making it a fan art creation.

Edit: To fix this, click on the images tab for that game, then the image and then edit. Edit the category and wait for approval.

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On this same topic, I've noticed that some PC Front - Box art is pretty uniform in a sorta clear case with the poster art within it. I noticed that a lot of games have this, but not all. Is there a template to create this? I found the The VGBoxArt Template and The SteamGameCovers template but not the one that typically downloads from the emumovies tab within the image download part of Launchbox. I'm really trying to find a fairly easy way to make my PC library more uniform, and I have run into this hurdle. I could re-create everything using one of those templates I posted above, but it would be a bit of a pain. I'd rather just add to the emumovies/launchbox libraries with covers that are missing.



EDIT I found it, nevermind.

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