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Hi confused about 1 install procedure


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I installed launchbox on C drive where my SSD is, however is it necessary for it to be in the User folder which the install asks for or can i install it on my d drive with a HDD on will this cause complications which the installer mentions ?

I downloaded the built in launchbox "artwork" from the site database it gets them from for a NES set and it took up 4 gb almost which it installs on the SSD User folder. I cant afford to save them there  due to lack of space once i get snes/n64 content etc.

Is it ok to move the launchbox folder to a random D/HDD drive folder by copying it or will this cause issues? downloading the artwork etc took 1½ hours which id rather not go through once more for the NES set.

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16 minutes ago, massatomic said:

should be able to copy it right over, no dramas

did you let launchbox move your roms into its folder as well?

Thanks for the quick reply and help i will just copy it over then. For the other question, no i just used the import roms function the pop up gives during the install/welcome procedure so it sees the roms in the HDD folder. It didnt find as many of the covers though that i would have liked alot of them are blank. im presuming its mostly the japanese carts its skipping like "100 man dollar kid" "akumajo" games and "1943  Battle of Valhalla" etc. im not sure if im allowed to name the NES sets entire name here but part of the sets name has "intro" in it im not sure if that has something to do with it skipping some of em.



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Most of the art is there for the no intro rom sets, be sure to make an account with emumovies to use their stuff to. You wont get the video snaps without paying for a sub to them though(every thing else is free)

not sure how far in you are with importing but it may be easy for you to start again and import your roms. This time check the box that says "move roms files to launchbox folder" that way you can keep launchbox pretty portable as the file links are relative to the folder.

you can go threw and rename the file locations in the xml if you want to leave them where they are without re importing, using notepad++ to find and replace works best...

Go to your Launchbox/data/platforms folder and check out the xml file to see what I mean

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You need LB Premium and EM Premium to download them from within LB, but you can supply video from anywhere manually. LaunchBox is also completely portable, so long as you have all your Roms, emulators and LB on the same hard drive, the paths to the games and emulators will look like this "/../Emulators/", etc. If it assigned a drive letter, you need to edit the paths (with Notepad++) or re-import your stuff while unchecking the media boxes. Letting LB move your games works too, but if you have a MAME rom set, or a system that requires multiple files but those files aren't imported (similar to a MAME or bin/cue set up), LaunchBox will only move the stuff it's importing. So if it requires those other files, then they're still back in their old location. As for the scraping abilities, the names need to be close, but they don't need to match exactly. So in this case, I think you're talking about NES. Some of that should be there, but Japanese specific names we are lacking in a bit. Ignore the Famicom platform. You can search on the Database manually to see if your missing games are there, the names might be slightly different, or may not exist at all. If they don't, you can add to the Database if you'd like, as long as you follow the Database Guidelines.

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