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Issue w/Separate view for Platform Category - BigBox


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Now that we have platform categories in 7.9 I have set BB to default of platform category. I use vertical wheel style in my platforms, but since I only have 3 platform categories using the vertical wheel view looks ugly in platforms category since you see the same 3 icons repeated. I would like to be able to change this view. Currently if I do it also changes platforms to the same view. 

Is there a setting I am missing? BB does have the option to "Remember Separate View for Each Platform". With the new features there does not seem to be an option to apply this so platform categories remembers a separate view from platforms. 

Or am I missing it somewhere?



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I would suspect it to be in the same area if it was. If you'd like to request this then go ahead and click Issues/Requests at the top. I would say to search for it first normally, but I do believe this is unique. There has been a request to also make it so the images don't repeat like that on wheels, so you might want to also vote on that, but both requests are different enough to warrant both being included. Don't forget to vote on any tickets you find, or any of your own tickets.

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