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Attract only showing platforms and games from single platform category


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This just started with the 7.9 release, since we didn't have the platform categories before. I can go into a platform category, say handhelds, go to bed and attract is running in the morning but it is still in the handhelds platform category. At first I just thought it was a coincidence but it has happened too many times now to be that. It does bounce around in handhelds between platforms and games but it never seems to leave the platform category handhelds until I do it manually. I do have a custom category platform called media so not sure if that could be somehow causing it. I've noticed this happening now in the Pinball platform category, handhelds, consoles, and my custom category media.

On the plus side, the random crashes that were happening when I left my system in attract mode for extended periods seems to be fixed, or at least a lot less frequent.

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Yea, I think that was intended. Consider each Platform Category as it's own type of view. So originally, there was the platform view (where they were all listed), then all games, then genre's, etc. You had different area's where you could show your games. The attract mode isn't set up to move between these, that wouldn't make sense. So it goes from your list of consoles, to another view that just shows Genre's and bounces between there? At least that's what I theorize is happening, they're treated like those special library filter views. Sorry if the wording is off, i don't know what to call them. They're not specific Theme views or even filters, but I hope you get the idea.

If you want to make a ticket so that Jason can add an option to move between Platform Categories in the future, that'd be awesome. Click Issues/Requests at the top and request it. Don't forget to vote on your own ticket. I would say search first, but this is a new request I believe.

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