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Rom database and statistics?


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Hi everybody. Newbie here. Just installed LB and imported my No-Intro SNES set. However the imported count doesn't match the Rom count in my folder. I didn't select the merge option. Is there a way to see which roms it didn't import?


And are there any Rom statistics to see? Like per system your have and miss?


Last but not least. What are the LB Rom databases based on? No-Intro or other? And how are they updated? With each LB update?


Sorry for all they questions. Just wanna get a good start at this ;)




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The database is community ran (guidelines), and no system we have is complete. We don't follow the conventions of any set, but we like the No-Intro set the best generally speaking. So after an edit is approved, it waits for the server to push out an update that night. It can take a while to get approved based on moderator activity, then should get published at midnight PST that night. Then, it should get pushed out to the LB application. It's updated when a user tries to ping the server with a request (like scanning the database), and it will prompt you to update. It shouldn't take more than 48 hours after a game is approved, usually around 24.

LaunchBox does have an audit feature, but it's to only audit the system of images and certain metadata, it does not check against the database at all. In the bottom left, next to Play, config, edit and delete, is a "Displaying" counter. If you click on your platform on the left, it will tell you how many games are in that platform out of your entire library. It would be best to know what games it skipped over, or how many. Knowing that it does doesn't tell us much, because the games could have already existed and LaunchBox skipped over them as to not add duplicates. When I imported a bunch of rom hacks, the game would be Legend of Zelda (Rom hack name), and LB would think that this was a duplicate of my vanilla LoZ rom, because LB ignores whats in the brackets, except to display it in the version info tag. This tag doesn't do anything for sorting and identification other than some of that extra metadata tagging.

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Thanks for the extensive answer. So reading the document the goal is to preserve all game listings.When is a game database complete? I love the possible looks of LB and would like to start adding console sets to it. But how would I know which games I would be missing compared to the LB database. And if I import my games but leave them where they are I also don't know which ones aren't in LB. How do others manage this?

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You'll know a game doesn't have a Database entry because the game probably wont have any artwork. That's not always true, because the artwork can be grabbed from EmuMovies though. In that event, we look at games that have a LaunchBox Games Database ID attached to them. When you edit a game, in the top right corner will be a blue link. If one is there, it's attached to a database entry. Clicking it will take you to it in fact. To view an entire platform at once, you can use the Audit feature (Click on a platform on the left, then Tools -> Audit), and it will display tons of info, including the ID. There are also tons of situations where the file name was off slightly and it just didn't attach, but the database entry exists.

When will the Database be complete? Never. xD In all honesty, its all fan funded, and we're working hard on it, but it's going to be a while before a platform is truly complete. I think one of the closest Databases to our scope is Moby Games, and while they're much farther along than us, they're no where near complete either.

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