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  1. Nice @Cnells2000 !!! Thanks for sharing. Could you perhaps also share the box template?
  2. @sundogak I was indeed. Too bad there isn't a daphne importer guiding the setup. I was looking in the forums and internet but you see a lot of people which are struggling to get this setup. There must be a way to make this less painful Thinking about creating a batch file somehow which handles everything or guides the user in setting up with error checks.
  3. Ok thanks for at least letting me know. Be well and perhaps I'll see an update in some future 😉
  4. @eatkinola Have you had any time by any chance to get it working again? Loved the video but unfortunately WoonLauncher doesn't work.
  5. Well another victim here I setup everything as it should with a bat file, pointing to the framefiles for import. But unfortunately it still doesn't recognize the actual games and sometimes comes with weird games from other MAME I guess. Since it is scraped as Arcade.
  6. @skizzosjt Where do you put this? Is it also possible to change scaling? My default resolution is 3240x2160 with 175% scale. Using Launchbox and managing your collections is excellent with so much screen space. But I would like to change the resolution to 1920x1080 at 100% whenever an emulator/game is run or BigBox itself. Reason is because I'm also going to output on my TV which has this ratio so I can make sure things work/output the same way, like bezels.
  7. Thanks for sharing this! Was just searching on how to add this
  8. I have no graphical/editing experience but did notice your theming videos. So I guess I have some binge watching to do and hope I figure it out 🤣
  9. This is obsolete now right? Since we have the fullset importer.
  10. @viking With the theme the flip cover function does not seem to work. Is it not implemented or am I missing something? And I saw a post a while back you were looking at scanlines. I was still looking how to add those. Is it still WIP?
  11. @nicknamex Just came across this and works with latest version. Are you still developing this? Would be awesome if you could make changes from the program itself. Some suggestions; Add media (by dropping images) Make ID, etc clickable Edit other entries.
  12. HI @ultimatex, did you have a question?
  13. @igotdvds I installed your program but it doesn't seem to do anything. If I start it I don't get anything. No screens but also no errors. I'm on Windows 11. Setup is working ok and it installs. But it just doesn't do anything when I start it.
  14. Ah ok well I'll just try and experiment then. Thanks again for your time.
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