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Launchbox Suggestion: Arcade Banners/Filters


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Hello guys,

As everybody here, I love using my BigBox, and have participated on the last two surveys that was sent out.. I love to see it improving over time.


I have one suggestion though, that hasn't being brought up.


I love to play arcade games with the banners/filters that has the cabinet images on the sides, but that's too hard to configure, and specially to keep consistent, because LaunchBox is a frontend, maybe we could automate that somehow on LaunchBox/BigBox, and have the cool download functionality as we have with the other assets/media. That would be awesome wouldn't it? What you guys think?


Maybe add this to the next poll?


Thanks guys! and keep up the great work!


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Overlays like that might be a harder thing to do, as who made them and who wants them where can get difficult, as was evident with some video stuff a few users were doing. They were bringing over some HS stuff as video, and it became an issue fast.

However, for stuff people here create, I don't see why not, but you just drop the overlays in the proper RetroArch or MAME folders and go. Unless LaunchBox had it's own system to handle these, both of those emulators use them already and cover a ton of systems. So it is achievable now. This obviously doesn't cover other systems mind you, but for the systems people want these for the most, MAME (MESS) and RetroArch are good to go. There might have been some movement on this, but people only ever talked about it once or twice, it wasn't something that came up often enough to be thought of for the Poll. Not to mention we can't make the poll 100 items. xD There are also already overlays in our download section that users have uploaded now that I think about it, and should work in RetroArch or MAME right now.

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