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Mednafen Saturn - Analog input?


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I am trying to get analog input to work for sega saturn games. I have a real 3d analog pad for the SS that I have hooked up through a mayflash adapter, and I also have an XBOX One controller on USB. 

Unfortunately, the mayflash adapter supports the dpad and all the buttons on the 3d controller, but not the analog stick. I haven't found another adapter online that explicitly supports the analog on the 3d controller, so I am forced to use a different pad - in this case the XBOX One controller. 

If I load up mednafen in retroarch, I can see that the left analog stick on my XBOX pad has been mapped to analog inputs in retroarch. However, if I load up a game like Nights that supports analog input, only the dpad works. 

According to the mednafen documentation, the standalone client supports sega saturn 3d controller input. When I load up Nights in the standalone client, and then press alt+shift+1 to map my controller in the emulator, I am able to map the digital pad and all the button, but I am not prompted for any analog input. 

Does anyone know how to get analog input working in sega saturn games? Should I try SSF or yabause instead for my 3d games?


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I enable it using the command line parameter -ss.input.port1 3dpad but it can be enabled in config file if you prefer that way. With it enabled using the command line or the config file then when you do the alt+shift+1 to setup your controller it should then allow you to bind it.

Once enabled you can then toggle it on and off using whatever you set as your "mode" button on your controller.

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