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  1. Your List of Small Things

    A plain text button labeled "back" in the mass import, right next to the "next" button. This is where a naive user would expect the back button to be.
  2. NESPi case

    It is the 50mhz bus on the SD card that is the bottlneck. The limited memory also doesn't help. I have found that a per image size of 1mb or less is ideal. Anything over 2MB has noticeable load lag, and if you have a bunch of them it can cause the Pi to lock up. I set the maximum height on my boxart to 720px, and then resize the width to be proportional. After that I compress the PNG. Square images tend to be the largest, and some of them get up to 1.5mb or so, but it has worked so far in keeping the image sizes manageable even for a fairly large collection. I am getting a bit of a washed out effect on some of the noisier source image (the ones that go through a high resolution scanner look the worst for it). For the most part they look pretty decent. When I am finished with the project, I'll upload the my images and playlists for others to use if they want to.
  3. NESPi case

    I got a 2.5A power supply and it is working great so far. Only issues I have had is the shoddy wireless, which is just par for the course with the little Pi's. Mine works great, and the Pi sits in there snug as a bug. I am spending an inordinate amount of time getting boxart and everything setup. The media you download through Lakka is way to bloated for the slow storage on my Pi, and I don't want to risk data corruption by overclocking the bus. So instead I am poaching my LB image collection, resizing and compressing all the image by hand for what will probably be about 600 games I am loading on it. So far so good though. The XMB menus are responsive, and I don't get black images or unexpected crashes

    The 8600K is just as good as the 8700K for almost everything, unless you don't plan to overclock it yourself. The 8 series i3s have four cores now. An unlocked variant of those would probably be the best value. The Ryzen 1700 is a perfectly good chip. The number of games that can be played on an overclocked intel chip, that can't run at full speed on a Ryzen CPU, is really small. The intel chips are definitely faster thought.
  5. Ram effecting performance

    Probably not, but it might make windows and launchbox more responsive. There are emulators that use a lot of memory for shader caching, and you can see marginal improvements in performance when you are able to fully cache all your shaders. 8gb is a lot of memory though, and these memory leaks have largely been fixed by driver updates. So no, not likely, but it can't hurt.
  6. WinVice fullscreen problem through Rocket Launcher

    Wait, is that maniac mansion on a flash cart . Are there cart versions of games that were previously only available on disk or tape?

    The box cooler will work fine at stock speeds. If you want to overclock at high frequencies, than the biggest obstacle is heat. Even with a 280mm AIO liquid cooler reviewers were seeing temperatures in the 90c and thermal throttling running at 5.0ghz. This is with the 8700K model, which runs a touch hotter because of hyper threading, but the 8600k can be expected to run at very similar temperatures at the same frequencies.

    You will more likely get slightly better performance in emulators out of the 7700k. The six core chips run very hot, and it is pretty much mandatory that you have custom water cooling in order to get those 5.0ghz clock speeds. With that being said, a 4.5-4.7ghz overclock is very achievable with either chip, and really the frequency I would feel comfortable for either one. The 8600k is a lot more processor. I would rather have the extra two cores even if it costs me maybe 200mhz on my overclock, and even if those exta cores will contribute pretty much zero to emulators or games. I would get the 8600k. I plan to get one for myself next year.
  9. Atari 2600 2 Button Controls

    I never played the atari 2600 on the real console, but a fair number of the games are great fun. I like frogs and flies, Kaboom, Circus Atari, Enduro, Stampede, and Combat. The arcade ports are hard to get behind because MAME is so much better, but the 2600 version of donkey kong isn't bad. I play on the original controllers with an adapter too, even though they are objectively terrible.
  10. WinVice fullscreen problem through Rocket Launcher

    You can get away with not using it a lot of times is what I meant. And by most, I mean less than half, but still a lot. Vice has a turbo mode, not a load warp. It just unlocks the framerate and lets you spin as fast as your system will let it. You can set the emulator to start with it already toggled, which makes sense because games start by loading from disk or tape. You have to disable it manually when you are ready to actually play. In my limited experience, CCS64 is a lot faster even still. Some voodoo witch craft it does. It is a neat feature, I just like that VICE is so configurable.
  11. WinVice fullscreen problem through Rocket Launcher

    In VICE you can start the game with warp mode automatically toggled. It isn't as good as the feature in CCS64 as you have to manually disable it, but its better than nothing. VICE also lets you create the VICE equivalent of M3U file for seamless disk switching, and you can set the port number for your joystick in the command line, so you don't have to manually switch it for those games that use Port 2. If you turn off true 1541 drive emulation you also get a nice speed boost. Only a handful of games really need it. I stick with VICE for these reasons. It also has the ability to emulate tons of other commodore machines, if you are a collector of emulators as I am :).
  12. Atari 2600 2 Button Controls

    RA stella also doesn't support paddle controllers, which is a shame.
  13. BEST CPU

    Bulldozer is a particularly low point . Ryzen is really good, and there is every reason to believe Ryzen 2 could be even better.
  14. 3D0 using 4D0 RetroArch Core

    cue files are only necessary for syncing audio tracks or if the bin files have been split into multiple archives. You can load SEGA CD games using Gens with just the bin files, but you get no music. I always use the cue files.
  15. BEST CPU

    How you have it now is the best setup. The FX 8300 chips have two integer cores and one floating point core per module, with four modules total. Emulators that run in software push a lot of floating point math to the CPU, which means your 8 core CPU is effectively only a four core CPU in the right workloads. The floating point precision is technically better on the AMD chips, but in practice intel chips from the same generation are much, much faster. You can expect your i7 3770 to perform as much as 50% better than your FX 8300 in certain workloads. Emulation is not a favorable workload for AMD chips from that era.