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Bible Verse/Quote of the Day (Launchbox Plugin)

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This plugin is still in development and still has some quirks to work out but it is now fully functional.

To install place the contents of the zip file into your LaunchBox\Plugins folder.

Once installed when you launch LaunchBox or BigBox you will be presented with a quote as soon as the application starts. The quote will stay on the screen for several seconds before disappearing.

Source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/fpdavis/QuoteOfTheDay

The full Readme file is available here: https://github.com/fpdavis/QuoteOfTheDay/blob/master/README.md

There are several options in the QuoteOfTheDay.dll.config that you may want to change. The two most important are outlined below.

QOTD_Type: Valid values are "Verse", "Quote", "Local", or "Random". Local is the default value.

   Verse: Loads https://www.biblegateway.com/usage/votd/rss/votd.rdf from Bible Gateway and
          displays the Bible Verse of the Day. This was the original inspiration for the plugin
          and was inspired by Dubbloseven from a Live Developer Session who sugested we add a
          "Bible Wheel" to LaunchBox (Let's Build Some Plugins! - 2017-05-08 -
          LaunchBox Development Live Streams @ 11:30).
   Quote: Loads https://feeds.feedburner.com/brainyquote/QUOTEBR from BrainyQuote.com and
          displays the Quote of the Day
   Local: Loads a local file named Quotes.xml and randomly displays a quote from this file.
          This file contains many Video Game related quotes. This is a standard XML file and
          you can add your own quotes and remove quotes from this file as desired.
  Random: Randomly displays one of the types listed above (Verse, Quote, or Local).

SecondsToDisplayQuote: How long to leave the quote on the screen. Too long and you will be waiting, too short and you won't be able to read the quote. This value is specified in seconds. 8.5 is the default value.



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I have updated the Github project for this plugin. Still needs some additional work but is close to fully functional. The configuration file has changed and I have added a settings dialog under the tools menu. This means no more having to configure it through the XML file!

Just a few more tweaks to go.

You can download the latest dll and config file from Github


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You can edit the quotes.xml file that comes with it, it is a standard XML file and you can add your own quotes and remove quotes from this file as desired. As far as other sources, no those currently have to be added programatically. If you have any suggestions I can look into making those available as well.

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