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Is LaunchBox self contained?


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Might not be the best word, but is all the files required for LaunchBox inside the main directory? Or are some thrown into AppData or Roaming or Documents, or anywhere else? 

Asking cause I want to copy my main LaunchBox folder to an external, but not sure if I need to copy over files that may be in other places as well.

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21 hours ago, neil9000 said:

Yeah every thing you need is in the launchbox folder, you can just drag and drop anywhere you like.

Awesome, thank you.

One more question. I'm going to migrate over all my ROMs and everything too but in my initial install I have them in a separate location but want them in my LB folder on my external. Is there an easy way to migrate over all the ROMs or will I have to delete them all in LB and re-import them. If I could avoid that, that'd be great cause I have a ton.

I also have a lot of games hidden or deleted from the local library within LB but still have them in my ROMs folder. Would that cause an issue when re-adding them, as I certainly don't remember or have a list of every game I've hidden.

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Yeah if you re-import your roms you will have to hide/mark as broken/delete again. The easiest Way to change your rom location in launchbox is to use notepad++ and use the find and replace feature. So you search for the current rom location in the .xml then replace all the instances it finds with the new location. You will have to do that for each platform individually unfortunately.   

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