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Playlist/Platform issue.


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Hi all,

Ok, I have been trying to figure out a way to solve my problem on my own and I am at my wits end. I now turn to those with more experience. Here is my issue:

I do not want a complete mame romset in my Arcade platform. I went and got a list of all the games I DO want in the Arcade platform and made various playlists for different publishers, basically the same as the ones that Launchbox will create when you import the game but I took a lot of those games out that were auto populated. Now then, I managed to remove all but the 355 games I want on my Arcade platform list but I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to move the files that the Arcade platform is pointing to from the main rom file directory. This means there are 355 files in a folder with 33,000 others files. Sure I can click each one and move it but I am curious if there is some way to do it within Launchbox that will just see the files I have in my arcade platform and just move those.

If there is NOT a way to do this within Launchbox (and if there is, it is hidden well because I think I have exhausted all my leads), I am not opposed to using a 3rd party software to fix my problem if anyone has an idea of one.

Any and all help is appreciated in advance.

Thank You!

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Most likely some of those 355 files are going to be dependent on a file that isn't in the list of 355 so if you delete the other files and only have the 355 I guarantee that unless you have a non-merged set that this is going to break things.

If you look at this post and download the No Filler Rom copy you could look at its structure of the .bat file using NotePad++ and see how you could edit it to incorporate your games that you want to copy out of the full set.


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Question DOS, would it be a better idea overall, hard drive space be damned, to use a merged set of roms so I know I am getting all the files I need to run a specific ROM? I would be OK with going back over and selecting the 355 manually again Time consuming? Yes but from that point on I would be able to add games individually if I see something I want to add later down the road from the master ROM directory. Might even be an easy way to get the correct names of the roms I will need anyway since I will mosy likely have to use clrmamepro to merge the set anyway.


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If you get the sets from The Most Pleasurable of Domes you can get them in 3 flavors Merged, Split and Non-Merged so no CLRMAMEPro necessary. If you get the non-merged set which would be the largest all the games contain every file that the game needs to run this is the best set to have if you want to delete stuff from the set because no games are dependent on any other files everything should be self contained (Not sure if the BIOS is included in the game archive or not as I don't have a non-merged set) The issue with the merged set is it only the parent rom has a archive and the pieces of the clones are inside that archive so for instance Pac-Man is one of the games on your list only Puck Man rom will have a file in the merged set and after import you would have to change the puckman rom name to the pacman rom name in order to play Pac-Man with the Non-Merged you can throw away the puckman rom because the pacman rom contains the puckman rom already.


This here explains it much better than I can.

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