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Hi. I got question. I want to use Lightspeed Mame to put my Mame roms to LB.

When I match media catalogs - cover, videos, ets. they are going to by copy from MAME catalog on disc to LB catalogs (Images->Cover, etc.) or they stay in MAME catalog???


 I want them to be move or copy from MAME to LB catalog on disc - is taht what program do?


Thanx in advance

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Lightspeed, as far as I know, is no longer being supported and is out of date with the current way LaunchBox works. If I am wrong, someone let me know, otherwise, you should follow the MAME tutorial. I did mention Lightspeed at the time, but that is a much older version anyways, and that version certainly doesn't work. Replace the MAME versions with the latest, and follow the tutorial like normal.


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