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NES Black Box Collection Playlist

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Here is a playlist for the 30 original black box games on the NES, plus the 3 silver box games.

Download the .xml file and paste it in your Launchbox\Data\Playlists directory

I also included a Clear Logo for the Playlist.  Download it and paste it to your LaunchBox\Images\Playlists\NES Black Box\Clear Logo directory.

Check out the bezels/overlays I made for them here:

Also, @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT generously made an awesome theme video to go along with the playlist and bezels.  Download it here:


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So, has anyone had any trouble playing the light gun games on Retroarch?  They were crashing on me any time I pointed the mouse off screen.

I found a solution, but it's a not-so-great one.  In order to play those games, you must disconnect (or shut off) your controller before you open Retroarch.  I'm using a wireless X Box 360 controller and it was shut off when I discovered this.  Now, I can point and click at those ducks without getting an error message.  Yay!

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