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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to change the startup video but I can't for the love of me seem to find a way to do it! I tried to find an option in the menus or in the setting files but nothing! Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

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...and also the option to let the video play till the end or skip it via the push of a button.

There kinda is a setting for that. Currently the video will end as soon as BigBox is up. So stopping it early does you no good. But you can delay the start of BigBox by up to 30 seconds to give the video time to finish.

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I get what you mean. Both of these methods could co-exist: Set a fixed "delay" timer for BIgBox to start ( which is how it works now if I understand correctly) or push a button to stop the video (if you're bored of it or you don't need the noise or for whatever reason) and show the BigBox logo until the program starts, if it need some more time to load. Take a look at how the Mala frontend implement this. I have the song "Freewheel burning" from Judas Priest playing in my racing cab every time I launch Mala and sometimes I like to watch the video till the end but sometimes I want to jump right in the game. That's what I'm after but yeah, it's no big deal, it would be nice to have this kind of flexibility though...

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