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Hi Sorry to post again


As I have previously explained I am pretty stupid :S

Been playing around with FBA and Neo Geo in Launchbox and I am really struggling with the shaders

is there an easy way to go back to default ?

any recommendations for tutorials or a shader to use

the ones I got either shringk screen make graphics look there coloured weird or are really dark and seem to wash out the colours

ideally I would like scanlines with vibrant colours

whats ironic is that I use retroarch Via Retropie on raspberry pi and the shaders seem to work and I don't have these problems


Thanks in Advance




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To reset your shaders to none set the shader passes to 0 and then Apply Changes5948d5451c3a9_2017-06-2003_56_07-RetroArchGenesisPlusGXv1.7.4365a28c__Frames_512.thumb.png.37639b13d7e3fd2a053d9db86bd28094.pngShader choice really does boil down personal preference and your display type since your monitor or TV can impact them. The 2 I like and recommend would be CRT-Aperture if you want a thicker scanline or if you want something not quite so thick and a little brighter looking is Easymode-Halation which is one I am currently using and is in the screenshot above.

Here is a pic of it in action though keep in mind it is a smaller than fullscreen pic so it's not quite 100% how it will look in action but it's pretty good.


If you like the crt shader on the pi take a look in the GL/CRT folder for the CRT-Pi preset.

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What do you mean by "another option" ?

There is the overlay options where if I remember correctly you can overlay a fake scanline effect over top but to me it is very much a garbage alternative to a shader when even the weakest of video chipsets out there can handle something like CRT-Pi.

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