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menu navigation with multiple controllers - adjusting buttons?

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My system has 2 arcade sticks and 2 GameCube controllers (plugged in via a 4-port USB adapter).

My #1 goal is to be able to navigate BigBox with the arcade sticks, and that works very well.  My secondary goal would be to navigate menus with the GameCube controllers.  

I have BigBox configured to use all controllers, and it does work but the buttons are not intuitive to me or my kids.

With my arcade sticks button one selects an item and button 2 goes back.  With the GameCube controller button X selects an item and button A goes back.  

Is there a way that I'm missing to change this?  Ideally I'd like button A on my GameCube controller to select and button B to go back.

I've thought about disabling controller support and maybe trying to use Joy2key or xpadder, but I like the controller automation feature and not sure if I can replicate everything as reliably.  Maybe I can?

I'd appreciate any thoughts/comments/suggestions!

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