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LaunchBox + Google Sync = Hands-free Portable!


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First off, let me start by saying LaunchBox is the best thing to come out in years, for me anyways. Anywho, Launchbox is FULLY compatable and portable by just installing into a Google Drive folder (with Sync of course!). 

For example, I installed my Launchbox into a drive off my google account. Even specifically made a new one and called it LaunchBoxKUPO. My mother absolutely loves older games, like SNES, NES, etc. but obviously, most mothers won't know how to get roms, set up input controls, the likes. 

Going to her laptop, I installed Sync and logged into my account. It automatically added my Launchbox folder from my computer onto hers, complete with EVERYTHING (controls, roms, manuals, already set up emumovies account) and I never had to, or rather she never had to and never will have to touch a single thing on her laptop other than the Big Box shortcut I created on the desktop. I didn't even put the LaunchBox shortcut on there. She literally turns her laptop on, hooks it up to the flatscreen via HDMI, double clicks the Big Box shortcut, closes the laptop lid (windows settings/ choose what to do when lid is closed/ do nothing when plugged in) and proceeds to enjoy countless games with a wireless gamepad that is auto-detected. And, anytime she wants a game, all she does is ask me and I put it on my LaunchBox normally and it automatically goes on hers. 

I'm 23, my mother is 51. Some of my fondest memories are watching my mother play as a kid and she's getting older. Not only does LaunchBox allow her to relive her favorite moments, they allow her to live them now without having to buy consoles, look for games, or struggle to emulate things she knows nothing about. At the same time, I get to enjoy them as well. 

A little last regarding tip, a free drive account has max 15gigs. When asked, I move every single rom into the LaunchBox folder EXCEPT big platforms like PSX, PS2, GameCube/ I leave those in a separate folder in my documents as to not take space on my drive. Also, install separate emulators INSIDE (doesn't have to be, but needs to be at least in the drive folder) the Launchbox folder. Like, install RetroArch, PCSX2, etc. inside their own folders inside the Launchbox folder that way when synced to another computer on the drive, everything will be setup and ready to just play in Big Box mode without configuring anything. Any other required files that may auto put themselves into the Documents folder like saves for PCSX2 or bios files for PCSX2, either synce the Documents folder into the drive, or relocate them manually inside of the Launchbox folders and tell the emulators where to look for them. 


Well I think that's all, hope I could give some others who are new here some good ideas on how to utilize the portability of Launchbox. Thank you, sorry for typing so much as always and great day to you all!






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