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Extremely slow "sony computer presents"?


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Hello, I'm trying to run final fantasy vii with psxe. When i open the game, it works but the beginning "sony computer entertainment presents", is extremely slow. Like a 2 minute load. For about 4 hours now ive thought the game has just been crashing. But eventually, it does load and past that part the game works perfect. Cutscenes and all. Can anyone please help me with this?

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If you are having problems with Retroarch there are tutorials and stuff to help you out but the most likely cause of any problems is either you have an incorrect command line parameter like a wrong core being told to load, incorrect bios or you are trying to load the wrong file like the bin file instead of the cue.

But getting back to ePSXe, unfortunately I am not sure what to tell you about it loading slow. I had a look at some of the settings to see what may be causing it but I couldn't see anything. Do other PS1 games take a while to load or is it just FF VII ?

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Like I said though, I believe it's the 2015 version but I can't say it is with 100% certainty.

Also double check your bios, I found this reddit thread with the same issue.

Open Retroarch, load the core then check the core information. It will tell you if the bios are detected and correct.

Also make sure you are loading the .cue file and it could be bad disk images. Yes, it is possible that a game that works in one emulator won't work in another because it isn't a "proper" dump.

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Lol, don't worry about it. I have silly mistakes like that as well, one time I spent hours trying to figure out why my TurboGrafx CD wasn't playing any music and it turned out that somehow in the core options for it I had the volume turned all the way down.

So many little things to keep track of at times it's easy to forget certain things.

Sorry I cannot supply bios, that falls under copyright content just like roms and we cannot share those here.

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Gotcha haha. Ill go grab them real quick hopefully all this will be over. To think it all started me getting crisis core running on ppsspp and my ocd not letting me play it until i atleast finish 7, one of the few i never completed actually.

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ePSXe is a fine emulator as long as it's version 2.0 or newer.

If you are still getting the same error it is either you are loading the wrong file (you need to load the cue) or  you have a game dump the emulator doesn't like. If the other cores are working then it's not a Visual C++ problem.

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