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1 hour ago, Zombeaver said:

Let's just go ahead and be perfectly clear here, in case there's any confusion - you can (and should) report a review that was, for example: 

"Five stars! Kill all the Jews. :D "

Do not report a review of:

"1 star. I hate this theme because the 80's were terrible and cyberpunk sucks, therefore this theme also sucks."


"1 star. Theme dun work. I have awsom Alienware rig, should work k? lol"

Both are dumb. Neither will be deleted.


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Granted one downvote is meaningless if you have many upvotes.

OTOH, I would vote for deleting the entire review system rather than upset one of our great theme creators.

Thanks to @keltoigael we have the great CityHunter theme. Respect.



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