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  1. RPCS3 - High Res Rendering

    Trying to talk my GF into giving me her PS3, which she only uses to play DVD's on! So I can start collecting games for it. I have not collected modern games in a while, what is the best/cheapest way to collect games? Ebay?
  2. Request - Missing Rom feature

    No intro is the way to go. It's pretty much the standard across most front end's. Since LaunchBox is the best of the front ends I think going no intro is the best solution.
  3. CityHunter

    Np, I am not 100% sure about the Wii-U yet. I am not to familiar with the platform but I do know the Xeno series. I'm still looking into other games/images.
  4. CityHunter

    @aaa Wii U
  5. CityHunter

    @aaa Virtualboy is very hard to find any decent artwork for. This is the best I could come up with.
  6. RPCS3 - High Res Rendering

    I haven't set it up in LB/BB yet. Still waiting for it to get just a little bit further in development/performance before I tackle it.
  7. RPCS3 - High Res Rendering

  8. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    Great to know! Thanks for testing. I will wait on EK to finish up his latest build and then update both themes.
  9. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    Please let me know. I updated both themes less than a month ago based on the latest release of EK's plugin.
  10. CriticalZoneV2 issue

    Both Cityhunter 2 and Blade Runner use the same video engine as CZv2. Curious if the same issue is there. No one has said otherwise.
  11. NESPi case

    Is quality. I love this thing. Fits all current pi models. I got lucky and snagged two at pre-order before the prices went insane. My nephews will be getting a very awesome xmas present this year.
  12. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Nice work! Here I thought the sky was falling and all that,
  13. MinimalHD missing

    Np, if you need further help feel free to ask.
  14. MinimalHD missing

    You could always clone the existing theme, rename it for either the tablet or pc and change the paths in Notepad++ to the newly named theme. Then make what ever changes you need for each display.
  15. MinimalHD missing

    What resolution are you using?