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  1. Sound problem

    dsound would be correct since you are using intel's integrated hardware. If you ever plan to throw in a nvida card and run it through hdmi switch back over to xaudio.
  2. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    Panzer Dragoon, Guardian Heroes, Policenauts, almost perfect arcade ports, FIGHT ME BRO!
  3. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    Saturn is a vastly underrated system full of great games. The 32X not so much but I still have a soft spot for it. Cosmic Carnage is some of the best cheese in the galaxy.
  4. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    I love roasting my own favorite systems.
  5. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    I think the Sega achievements are currently running off the saturn or 32x, which is why they are having troubles
  6. 7.15-beta-1 Released

    You can do that now but I think you mean auto updating the metadata. I am not to sure if the star ratings auto update or you need to import new meta every so often.
  7. Sound problem

    Your config looks fine, xaudio is almost 99% of the time the default setting you want to use. I would try dsound and see what results you get. Is your PC using a soundcard or does your motherboard have onboard audio? Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics and sound cards.
  8. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    The new features are such a nice addition and should finally get some people off the fence and over to LaunchBox.
  9. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Integrated would be my personal preference. Every theme would benefit.
  10. CityHunter

    Small update on the what is going on. @Jason Carr has noticed some video stability issues with the video plug in being used for random video playback and cross fading. I will be working on a update that will be removing the plug in and instead using the default video engine for BigBox. The positive out of all of this is that Jason wants these features to instead be a option internally supported by BigBox and not by a plugin. I will also be removing the multiple versions of the theme. Rather than six downloads! Which is a nightmare to update I will be dropping the fanart versions and mixed fanart video options and instead only support video background playback by default. There will be two versions now, my personal edit and the default option. Stay tuned for the updates!
  11. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Fantastic, I will get started on the changes.
  12. Big Box Freeze Ups

    Personally I have zero issue with this but we would have to redo the themes, not that big of a deal. We will lose the ability for multiple video playback and cross fading but if you want to add those features into BigBox I would love that.
  13. CityHunter

    Odd, here is mine. That view does support background video but the view before it with the text list for titles does not. Go into Launchbox, options, images, background priorities and uncheck clear logo.
  14. Big Box Freeze Ups

    I will continue to hold off before updating. The version I am using now is decently stable among other issues.