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  1. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    What a POS. It's sad that Phil walked away from this project and hope he decides to make a comeback. This project was pretty exciting and I was looking forward to how it would have turned out.
  2. CityHunter

    My guess is that the default engine does not support categories play back because it's looking for a specific path, not entirely sure. @CriticalCid might be able to chime in. I don't use the feature so it has never been an issue for me. The plugin version should get you around this.
  3. CityHunter

    These are the clean edits, maybe see if the plugin version works better for you.
  4. CityHunter

    Just the pre-installed one that comes with LB
  5. CityHunter

    Can you test that against CriticalZone and see if it does the same thing? I don't use categories.
  6. CityHunter

    Standard, Plugin?
  7. Alaska WIP

    I am talking about how many users have a primate name or avatar lol
  8. Alaska WIP

    I just realized how many primate users we had thanks to this post, where is Monkus when you need him.
  9. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Sadly the author has left the project.
  10. CityHunter

    New versions are out along with a new background video and now offering banners in a zip file that previously wasn't.
  11. CityHunter

    Small bit of news. I will be revamping CityHunter from 6 to two releases. One will feature eatkinola's video plugin that supports multiple video playback and a standard version using the BB built in engine for more performance. The clean edit will be the basis for both themes as I am doing away with the multiple versions. I don't see the need to not have anything else but video background in the views. The fanart views are not widely used anyways. This will make things much easier for me to handle on my end and make quick changes from now on. I can also start focusing again on art and videos which is more my thing these days. I have a new unreleased background from the Anime Blame! that I have been using for a few months on my cab, here is the video of it running.
  12. CityHunter

    Nice work Special T, I have been very ill the past few weeks but trying to get back in the swing of things.
  13. most similar Hyperspin theme?

    I myself am not working on it, but I have seen some screen shots from a friend who is. You will not be let down.
  14. most similar Hyperspin theme?

    There is something being worked on, I can't say what it is but stay tuned.
  15. CityHunter

    Should be some of those covered already in the zip file