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  1. keltoigael


    Should be a PSD file in the clear logos zip that allows you to make w/e you want or change things.
  2. keltoigael

    8.8-beta-1 Released

    @ZeSystem That was my mistake. Which is why I removed the post. It is nothing against you at all. Apologies.
  3. keltoigael

    Launchbox Premium Licence

    I also received the same email but I do not have facebook. I asked @Jason Carr about this in discord but I have not heard anything yet. Let's see what he says.
  4. keltoigael

    Identify Theme

  5. keltoigael

    Who deleted Asparky comment

    Yo, talk to me fam. Whats the deal?
  6. keltoigael

    8.8 beta-2

    What does c&c stand for?
  7. This is amazing. Well done. Any chance you could also arrange this to capture video?
  8. keltoigael


    A+ guys, keep it up.
  9. keltoigael


    Available for download again.
  10. keltoigael


    Available for download again.
  11. keltoigael


    Been a while but I have a small update. Thanks to @MalachiMaverick's diligence he was able to track down to lost background files of mine, The Grid and VHS Grid. They are available for download again.
  12. keltoigael


    The standard version will use on static background video. The plugin version allows you to use as many videos for backgrounds as you want and it will shuffle through them at random.
  13. keltoigael


    Looks good. Great job!