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  1. keltoigael

    Launchbox.Next.exe Entry Point Not Found

    Can you please provide a screenshot of your error message?
  2. keltoigael

    Animated Marquee Support

    Got my vote.
  3. keltoigael

    Ambience Theme (initial testing)

    @Grila looks neat! Nice and clean.
  4. keltoigael

    Where's Brad?

    I killed Zombeaver
  5. keltoigael


    In options video make sure games and platform background videos are check marked. May need to switch the engine to either WMP or VLC, depending.
  6. keltoigael

    CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    You could always just make separate themes and then edit all the font colors.
  7. keltoigael

    BigBox - Select Random Game Feature fixed by "Wheel Spin"

    Great as always.
  8. keltoigael


    It was reported to me a number of clear logos were missing from the zip file, they are back in. Error on my part.
  9. keltoigael

    Coming soon, Neo Geo Marquees v2.0

  10. keltoigael

    Chicuelo Theme

    Heh, I just started messing with this theme on my pi.
  11. keltoigael


    Looks good, nice job.
  12. keltoigael


    Looks pretty good. One thing I would work on is setting the font to different sizes to help fill out the center. Then use the alignment tools to center height and width. Great start.
  13. keltoigael


    Btw feel free to post your creations here. I would love to see what you all come with.
  14. keltoigael


    Road Rage. https://www.dafont.com/road-rage.font