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lordmonkus    1,066

I just wanted to say something here to the community in regards to user reviews of user created themes.

If you are going to post a review, especially a lower than average one please post a constructive criticism explaining why you don't like the theme. A simple "I don't like it" or "I couldn't get it to work" is not sufficient.

At the same time if you don't agree with a review please do not report reviews you do not agree as trolls with even if it is "I don't like it" or "I couldn't get it to work". You can simply click "No" on the "Did you find this review helpful ?" box. People will see that review is worthless and ignore it.598ba0b5ad3bf_2017-08-0919_54_00-CityHunter-BigBoxCustomThemes-LaunchBoxCommunityForums.png.e8ffefa40d0e409297b01fcdfee96ff6.pngIf someone is truly being a douche about a review then yes by all means report it and I or someone else will remove it and warn the reviewer for bad behavior. Otherwise I will not be removing reviews just because someone "doesn't like or agree with the review"

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shinra358    30

why even have reviews anyway? if a person likes it, theyre gonna get it. Surely ppl can think for themselves. Reviews are just a way to have community conflict. For this particular thing, there's not even a need to have reviews.

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