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  1. Mozza

    Launchbox for Linux - Preliminary Discussion

    @Jason Carr I compile the script as a separate executable and use it as the emulator in LB. The first LB parameter for the script executable is the emulator. I'm happy to provide the whole script and display.exe for testing, if that helps? @bbweiners I use this for Dolphin, what happens for you?
  2. Mozza

    Launchbox for Linux - Preliminary Discussion

    I gave up using RocketLauncher a long time ago and launch all of my games from BigBox through a script that I wrote myself. The main thing that the script does is to fade in and fade out beautifully for any emulator. Simply by turning off the monitor just before launching an emulator, the effect is to fade out of BB and in to the emulator. I also do the same when the emulator process exits. If the delay is too long, the monitor/TV may display a message (some do, some don't). @Jason Carr, I would recommend trying this out yourself. The only per emulator configuration parameter that would perfect this approach is the number of milliseconds to wait before turning the display back on again. Here is my script fragment: RunWait, display /power:off,, Hide Run, nomousy.exe /f /h,, Hide Sleep, 500 prevPath = %A_WorkingDir% SplitPath, 1,, path SetWorkingDir, %path% Run, "%1%" %rom_path%%options%,, Hide, new_pid SetWorkingDir, %prevPath% Sleep, 500 RunWait, display /power:on,, Hide Hotkey, Esc, doCloseApp WinWaitClose, ahk_pid %new_pid% Run, nomousy.exe,, Hide RunWait, display /power:on,, Hide ExitApp doCloseApp: RunWait, display /power:off,, Hide Sleep, 500 WinClose, ahk_pid %new_pid% return
  3. Mozza

    Theme Reviews

    Granted one downvote is meaningless if you have many upvotes. OTOH, I would vote for deleting the entire review system rather than upset one of our great theme creators. Thanks to @keltoigael we have the great CityHunter theme. Respect.
  4. Mozza

    LaunchBox Beta Testing - 6.8+

    I suspect that most people with an interest in paying for a frontend like LaunchBox use a PC for emulation right now. Android may be the future, maybe, but it would take many years to get anywhere near feature parity with the number of emulators and emulation quality available on the PC. Just my 2 cents.