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Xbox 360 Controller in Mameui64


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I have installed Mameui64 and it works with every game.

When I run it in windows I have a controller option for xbox 360 config. And when I launch a game in windows the controller works.


However I want to run the games from Launchbox, and when I do that the controller sets to default in mame and the xbox controller doesnt work!

Does anyone have a solution for this?


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Have you tried setting it up in mame with a game loaded? Just load a game then hit tab on your keyboard, and go to "input (general)" and set your buttons in there. As you will see under that option is a also a "input (this machine)" which will do what it say's and change the buttons for just the loaded game, i use this to change my buttons in fighting games as the layout is often different.

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You shouldn't have to do it everytime, it should just be set and leave as long as you set it in the general it will apply to all games. Also if you wanted you can set the tab button to a controller button so no need for a keyboard, i have it on UP on my dpad as i use the analogue stick in mame on my controller. I don't need the keyboard at all to change settings in mame with a game loaded, i do it all with my controller.

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I'm using the command line version of mame, but it's the same regardless. For player 1 start and coin entry you need to go to  "input general" then "other controls" at the bottom of the list. To change the tab button to a controller button, go to "input general" then "user interface" then change the "config menu" to the button of your choosing. You will also need to set up down left and right here to navigate the menu's and also set the "ui cancel" button as that is what you need to exit the config screen.

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