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    Dolhin Wii

    Thanks mate. I found this: https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-unofficial-howto-using-gameini-settings-per-game But when I set WiimoteSource0 = 0 WiimoteSource1 = 0 In the right ini file it still loads with Wiimotes. Will test your tip tomorrow=)
  2. Didde3000

    Dolhin Wii

    Hi! Is it somehow possible to configure Dolphin or Launchbox to load some games with emulated wíi-motes and some games without? In Smash bros with 2 emulated wii-motes you will get 4 players (when you want two) If you disable the emulated wii-motes, you will get two players. I am asking this because my son is to young to configure Dolphin =)
  3. Ok I solved by adding the images inside of Launch box. And nog by putting them in the folder by myself!:) One more question: How do I add total number of games on each platform on THIS screen? Without some ugly picture of the console blocks my nice picture of the console in the background? I would just like some nice with text above recent games.
  4. Did not work. Its in the right folder yes? strange that CleanBG does not have this logo, when it has Turbografx-16! I also lack SNK Neo Geo CD
  5. Under image cache you mean? Yes I have refreshed:/
  6. Hi! I use the CleanBG theme. But I am missing a clear logo for TurboGrafx-CD. I have googled and found a clear logo. But when I place the file named TurboGrafx-CD.jpg in CleanBG\Images\Plattforms\ClearLogo nothing happens! The system is named like to file so I dont get it!?
  7. Yes critical files are missing. But I have them in Sytems folder. Do I perhaps need to rename them`? They are called PC Engine CD-Rom System BIOS (1988)(NEC Home Electronics)(WD) - [Syscard3].pce and so on.
  8. Still nada, What Core do you guys use to load Turbografx cd?
  9. OK thanks, will try to find some roms in that format!
  10. Atleast this time it said: Failed to load content. When I was tyring to load a Turbografx cd iso!
  11. Oh ok! Were do I put the Turbografx cd bios? (just found it) =)
  12. Yes I did, but the Jaguar was a bad example, because that cosole sucks=) But I also wanna play Turbografx cd, MSX, MSX2 and so on.
  13. Hi mates! I have a big problem, I only get Retroarch to work on Sega systems, such as Master system, genesis, 32x. When I try it on something else. it just turns black and nothing happens. And I have downloaded the right core and put the correct text in. "default command line parameters" such as -L "cores\stella_libretro.dll" and so on. It does not even woth outside Lauchbox. I have solved it by using other emulators for other systems, but now I cant seem to find a good emulator for Atari Jaguar. Please help!=)
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