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Trying to (manually) set up Steam-style links to GOG, Uplay, and Origin in Launchbox


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Sorry for the title-gore there. In the last couple months, I've started using Launchbox as an all encompassing game platform for my PC. Emulated games, of course, but also Steam (via the automated Steam import feature), DRM-Free PC games, and non-Steam DRM platforms. It generally works well with manual set up.

Now, here's where I'd like a little advice. With the automatic Steam import feature in Launchbox, you can add games that aren't currently on your system and it'll go to download them FROM Steam when you double click the game in Launchbox. It's nice, because you can have tons of Steam games available via Launchbox, without taking up the hard drive space. Can you think of a way to directly link to the profile for each game via GOG Galaxy, Uplay, and/or Origin to do the same?

Currently, I just manually add the games via the Add feature and then point them to the exe for Gog Galaxy, Uplay, or Origin, so it'll open up the program. I'd rather directly link to the games. I think what I'm trying to do makes sense. I'm just not sure how to go about it. I'd appreciate any pointers! My collection of PC games has been slowly growing larger and larger and I think Launchbox is a great resource to try to make sense of them all!

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You can definitely link directly to installed GOG/Origin (and presumably Uplay but I don't have experience with that) games - you just use the add game feature and direct it to the relevant .exe or shortcut. As far as linking to the install page, the only way I would know to do that currently would be to a web URL. You could actually just put the URL in the rom field (or in an additional app) and as long as you don't have an emulator assigned, starting the "game" will take you directly to the URL. This would work for GOG, but I'm not sure if there's an equivalent for Origin/Uplay. I don't know about pulling up a page within say GOG Galaxy (which I use too) though.

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