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"Merge" platforms in BigBox.


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Just wondering if there is a way to have BigBox display multiple platforms as a single one?

The reason I'm asking is I'm currently using FBA as my arcade emulator but there are a handful of games I would like that it doesn't play so I have put MAME on my system as well. The problem is I then get two "Arcade" platforms in Big Box (Or a Final Burn Alpha and a MAME).

I would like to have them "merged" in BigBox for display and usability reasons, but keep them separate in LaunchBox for organizational and auditing reasons.

I know I could probably add the MAME games into the Final Burn Alpha platform and then change the emulator it uses, or have an "Arcade" platform and manually select the correct emulator for the different roms, but as more games get added its going to start to get tricky keeping track of what rom goes with each emulator.

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