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Many PSN (PS1?) games ALL ISO, can't play them, only cue/bins


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I'm using Retroarch / Beetle PSX, and it plays my bin/cue (loading cue) files fine...but loads black on these ISO games...I tried creating a cue file using isobuster, but it just crashes the emulator when I load them...

Is there way to batch create all the cue files I need for these ISO games?  for that matter how do I create one that works with my emulator?  EPSXE won't work with windows 81, I've tried all fixes I could find to no avail.

Thanks for any help!

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Yes it fails on everything I try it on....I've used it in the past before, just not with this computer....I tried removing teamviewer which was said to cause some issues with it, and nothing works...no biggie, all these games work in PPSSSPP, I play my regular PSX games through Retroarch. (they are all bin/cude games).


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38 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

Does ePSXe not load ? Does it crash when you load it ? Or does it crash when loading a game ?

You have to set the CPU overclocking to 1.


2017-09-30 16_18_58-ePSXe - Enhanced PSX emulator.png

I did that...it opens, it just loads all games with no video (black)...I've tried all the open GL plugins, reduced resolution to 800x600, even tried to DL a d3D plugin, same issue...

some games (most?) when they load give the controller config on the top right (showing the PS1 controller graphic), but that is it...tried all compatibility modes, tried running as admin, tried resetting it up, etc.. 

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The only exception is some games I have that are ISO, but they are also labeled (TGX) (PSN), turb-graphix ports I guess...they don't load in PPSSPP, they just saying LOADING GAME... on bottom right corner and stick there...but I'm okay with that, most work fine...apparently most of these isos were PSN games for the PSP, so it worked out :-)

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