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[Request] Compressed Images = Faster Load Times


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Ive been noticing that some images that launchbox scrapes are very good quality and also very small file sizes....while others are very very large file sizes (6 or even 7 MB for a single image). this results in slower load times (especially when we have around 5,000+ images) and it takes up A LOT of space on the drives.


I am currently going through all of my folders and (slowly) compressing the images into much more manageable sizes using TinyPNG.com.

Heres an example of what I mean: TYlqBC3.jpg

I recommend that you work together with them to get all images uploaded to the DB to be compressed by their servers and then returned to the DB. They have a developer API section on their site aswell. https://tinypng.com/developers

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10 minutes ago, Rincewind said:

I agree this would definitely help people that have lower end PC's and save a load of server bandwidth at the same time, I've not seen a comparison of the before and after image. So if they look the same then it makes total sense too go down that route.

there is a comparison example on their home page. also i compared 3 images (1920x1080) before and after compression, I could not see a difference.

The service is free, try it out for yourself.

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9 hours ago, Tommy1981 said:

I would also like to see this done. Maybe even add a feature right into launch box that will compress all of our images that we already have and delete the old bigger images.

a simple third party program that scrapes our own image folder and uploads-compresses-downloads-replaces the old images would be great. im sure one of the talented coders here could do it

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