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  1. I've been downloading box art from Google and making my own box art for the games with missing box art. Does anyone have any suggestions on a program to create game play videos? Also what format and how long should the videos be? What is the best way to add missing media? What methods do you guys use?
  2. Can you guys add a button on the games missing box art to download individual box art? Maybe by the refresh button. This would help out alot
  3. I just used windows "media creation tool" to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 on my HP Omen and then installed launch box. I used a 3.0 usb to do this and it took less than an hour. I never did install any of the c++ packages and Launch Box/ Big Box works great.
  4. @fromlostdays, @neil9000, @dos76, sent you guys a pm. Thanks for the help. I'm bound to have more questions in the future. Great forum and community!!
  5. Thank all of you for the help!!
  6. This could be it. I am new to LB. I just selected the whole folder where my ps1 games were located during importing. Should I just select the cue files while importing games instead of selecting the folder? Thanks again.
  7. I have read through the forums but can not find how to import all of my ps1 games. It is the latest US playstation redump collection with 1719 roms. I think they are all in bin and cue format. Only around 1450 import. I Did the rom scan and the missing games are found but at the end it says 0 games imported. I did see where someone said to delete the LB xml file but i did not see this in the newest version of LB in the root of the LB install folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. N64 roms imported great. Thank You for any help with this.
  8. Thank you for the quick response. Maybe someone with more skills and experience doing themes will see this post and feel the urge to do this. It would be great to have game guides on one screen while playing the game on another. If someone wants to go all out. 3 display support would be awesome as well. Move lists on one screen and game walkthroughs on another while playing the game on the main Screen. Thanks again.
  9. I just bought a hp omen gaming computer and looking to set this up this weekend. Does launch box support multiple displays? Would like to be able to display move lists on arcade games and level maps. It would be nice doing this from one program.