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  1. Sata vs M2 ssd

    I think my launch box media collection is around 300 to 400 gb with the roms. How big do you think the cache would be? Thanks for the great tutorial on moving the cache. Awesome idea!!
  2. Sata vs M2 ssd

    I'm looking at either getting sandisk 960gb sata ssd or 1tb samsung m2 drive. If there is not much difference in the real life load times, I was going to get the sata drive. The coverflow takes a while to load off a 3.0 usb.
  3. Sata vs M2 ssd

    Has anyone compared the load times of the cover art between a ssd, regular hard drive, and m2 hard drive? I have a 250gb sata ssd running Windows but i have my launch box collection on a 8tb usb 3.0 hard drive. I have 3 sata 3.5 inch bays and 1 M2 slot in my computer. Should I get a sata hard drive or a M2 hard drive to put my launch box covers and media on? I will leave my roms on my 8tb usb hard drives. Thank you for any suggestions on this.
  4. Rom naming

    I've noticed certain games with versions in the names get skipped when downloading media. Dreamcast collection did this alot due to version numbers in the names. Anyone have any tips or lists I can use to rename my roms to ensure my roms will have the best chance at getting media downloaded for them. I mostly use no-intro and redump collections. Also, is there a tool or simi-easy way to rename the roms and media files I already have at the same time? I've manually added in 100's or maybe even 1,000's of the missing box art pictures. Mostly the front 2D & 3D covers. Thank you
  5. Need to go back to Mame 0.187 Retroarch core

    Thanks for all of the responses. I have the 0.187 set and just worried about incompatibility. I have not experienced any incompatibility though.
  6. I had to redo my retroarch and the Mame core is now 0.188. Is there anywhere I can go to get the 0.187 core? Thank you.
  7. Best way to update

    Thank you
  8. Best way to update

    I got a true noob question. What's the best way to update launch box/ Big Box to the newest version? I paid for the big box upgrade. Thank you.
  9. Is there a guide for using multiple screens? I would like to do this too. I've never used more than one. What hardware and software is required? I have a HP Omen with a i7 7700, 16gb ram, and gtx 1070. Only thing i changed in it was I replaced the hard drive with a ssd and added 2 - 8tb regular hard drives for storage.
  10. You can also use romcenter with the parent clone dats too do the same thing. I've used both programs and they both do the same thing. If anyone wants a guide for romcenter let me know and I'll post it.
  11. I came across this guide for filtering roms with clrmamepro and thought I would share it with you guys. I did not write it and I don't remember which site it came off of but here it is. Hope this helps you guys out. This guide will allow you to filter out all of the USA roms plus all of the exclusives from every other region. This guide uses no-intro rom sets Install ClrMamePro. Go to No-Intro's DAT-o-Matic, select the system of your rom set and download the parent-clone DAT file. Determine if your system rom set needs a header file on the global No-Intro datset download page. Lookup your system and see if there is a yellow icon thingy on the right side which provides a header download. Extract the archive after downloading and place the extracted XML header file in the <ClrMamePro installation folder>.\Headers folder. Run ClrMamePro and select "Add DatFile" from the Profiler. Browse to your DAT file and select the default location to save it. Open it under "NEW DATFILES" and select "Default". Go to "Settings" in the main window. Add your ROM path(s). Select "1G1R Mode" beneath "Region / Language Mode". (If this option is greyed out, then your DAT file doesn't contain parent-clone info). Select "Regions" from the upper-left dropdown menu. If your DAT file contains parent-clone info with regions you should see them here. Select the regions which you want included in your 1G1R set and leave out those you don't want. As reference, I chose from top (so highest priority) to down: USA, CAN, AUS, EUR, HOL, ASI, BRA, FRA, GER, ITA, SPA, SWE. I left KOR, CHN, JPN unchecked and will be left out. This saves me a lot of roms which I can't play anyway since I can't read the language anyway . Now close the window. Go to "Scanner" in de main window. In the lower left part of the window you will see a lot of checkboxes. Make sure you have all in the right column (Fix) unselected. Make sure you have all in the left column (Check) selected except for "Unneeded". Select "New Scan..." When the scan finishes it will tell you if you have all of the roms in your set for the 1G1R set. If you do you can continue. If you don't you have two options. Search and download for the missing rom(s) or copy an other region version for each of the missing roms from your set to a temp folder. Now press the "OK" button. BEWARE: the following steps will delete unneeded roms not included in the 1G1R set you are wanting to build. ClrMamePro (with its default settings) makes a backup of the deleted files in the <ClrMamePro installation folder>.\backup\<system-name>\... for you but if you want to be completely safe then create your own backup of the set. Select ALL checkboxes from both columns (Check and Fix) and perform a new scan. When this finishes you will have transformed your rom set to a 1G1R rom set so you only have one rom of each version according to the region priority you set earlier. You can save the Have List by clicking that button if you want. Close the window and also close the main window or continu on to other sets. If you are satisfied you can remove your own backup and/or ClrMamePro's backup if you want.
  12. Console exclusive game lists

    I have been looking through many websites over the past few days and can not find a list of complete list of all console exclusive game titles. This website has all games on every console but really looking for pal and Japan exclusive titles only. http://www.digitpress.com/video-game-guide/ Thank you for any help with this!!
  13. Missing cover art/ box art

    I just seen where windows 10 has a built in game recording app. Thought I would share this info. Pressing Win+G will bring it up and pressing Win+Alt+R will start the recording. Been adding the missing box art by googling game's images and saving them to the image folders. Now I can start filling in the missing videos. Is there a place to submit missing cover art and videos to the games database or will syncing automatically do this?
  14. Can you guys add a button on the games missing box art to download individual box art? Maybe by the refresh button. This would help out alot