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LB crashes on start after the update


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Crashes approx two seconds after opening, but for whatever reason it did open after ~10 attempts (using compatibility mode, but I don't think that was the solution).  

Event viewer gives me two errors below (.NET runtime and application error). .NET -one is talking something about VLC and LB opened to a game that has a movie file attached to it, so I assume these are related.

In case it happens again, what should I delete to force LB _not_  to open the last game I was viewing?

Of course, if you can fix the root cause, that's even better :)

Sorry for the gibberish, my OS is localized,

1) .NET runtime:

Sovellus: LaunchBox.exe
Framework-version: v4.0.30319
Kuvaus: Prosessi keskeytettiin käsittelemättömän poikkeuksen vuoksi.
Poikkeuksen tiedot: System.AccessViolationException
   kohteessa System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ReadByte(IntPtr, Int32)
   kohteessa Vlc.DotNet.Core.Interops.Utf8InteropStringConverter.Utf8InteropToString(IntPtr)
   kohteessa Vlc.DotNet.Core.VlcMediaPlayer.OnMediaPlayerTitleChangedInternal(IntPtr)


2) Application error:

Viallisen sovelluksen nimi: LaunchBox.exe, versio:, aikaleima: 0x59f8ed21
Viallisen moduulin nimi: mscorlib.ni.dll, versio: 4.7.2556.0, aikaleima: 0x59b83443
Poikkeuskoodi: 0xc0000005
Virhepoikkeama: 0x000000000057cab5
Viallisen prosessin tunnus: 0x125c
Viallisen sovelluksen käynnistysaika: 0x01d3532ce9d9974d
Viallisen sovelluksen polku: D:\Emulator\Software\LaunchBox\LaunchBox.exe
Viallisen moduulin polku: C:\WINDOWS\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64\mscorlib\07f682c13bb6060ffe5a0af7ef4478aa\mscorlib.ni.dll
Raportin tunnus: 72016e3c-fbf6-49cc-937b-0884219d4bc1
Viallisen paketin koko nimi: 
Viallisen paketin suhteellinen sovellustunnus: 

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Thanks for the report, you can post that error log into this thread it would be appreciated (the dev is more likely to see it there) 


You can go into the options and uncheck the remember my last platform or remember my last game and uncheck them for the time being. Thanks for the feedback.

Screenshot (82).png

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