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  1. Somewhere between troubleshooting and noobs I guess. Magnavox Odyssey has two emulators: Odyemu runs on ms-dos while Odysim has the games on separate windows exes ie there's no separate emulator. What's the smartest way to import the games? For Odyemu, I can import the games with some unrelated emulator (because you can't import games without emulators and you can't add Odyemu as an emulator because it's a dos program) to get the batch run done and then edit each game, copy the rom path, remove the emulator, add dosbox , paste the rom path to app parameter and finally point the application path to Odyemu. I can't initially import them as ms-dos games because the games are rom files and not executables. Option to duplicate the same entry would probably be optimal; I could then just do one game right manually, duplicate it 50 times and edit the title and app parameter for each. If there's a way to do it, I've missed it. For Odysim I at least thought I found a sneaky way in; as all games are on separate .exes on separate folders, I thought I could import them as ms-dos games and then remove the dosbox check for each.... except "ready to import" for folder ends up empty whereas trying to import them as files ends up in the screenshot. So that didn't work either. I have this nagging feeling I'm doing this in some insanely stupid and complicated way compared to how it could be done, so here I am, begging the community to show the error of my ways
  2. Thanks! I tried the roms and they are completely different games; not just the graphics but the setting as well; moreso than your standard annual sporting game. I have the screenshots ready to show the differences to the world if someone would just accept them 😃 The reason I wrote here was to give my 2 cents on the identical name issue. Ormaybe what I’m actually saying is: I think we need the moderator rules written somewhere where we define how cases like these should be handled and then can systematically make it so. As it is, I’m sure there’s an eternal battle going on in gamesdb with two users endlessly renaming their favorite game back and forth!
  3. So I've taken a mission to fix Nintendo DS entries. Right now I'm struggling with a pair of games with identical names (America's Next Top Model) where the existing entry is for the 2008 version and the box art is for the 2010 version. I can't add the new game because moderators, sharp as they are, notice that the box art already exists and decline it. I can't explain it in the comments because there is no commenting available when you're adding new games. I then tried to approach it the other way around and replaced the existing wrong art with the right one, but my feeble attempts are getting denied as well - this time I did explain why but that didn't seem to help at all. So, assuming my latest change requests are getting denied again, I'll try renaming the new game with (publisher) just to get it through, betting on the moderators to be sharp enough to compare the publishers - but, reading this thread, turns out the naming change is likely to get denied as well. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/605120-americas-next-top-model-2008 https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ds/954296-americas-next-top-model
  4. Disclaimer: Also not a guideline There's a lot of unused potential in the db; if the users had the option to choose how many images they want to download, there wouldn't be any reason to limit the amount of uploads. As it is where you have to download every screenshot and deleting them is cumbersome, you should limit them to something sensible. Five maybe? Same problem with boxes; we add the region to our uploads but then have to download every box of every region.. As for the resolution, according to Steam's public stats, going above 1920x1080 is generally not recommended, see the chart below. OTOH those 2.17% will be damn happy 1024 x 768 0.39% 1280 x 800 0.72% - 1280 x 1024 1.27% 1280 x 720 0.39% 1360 x 768 1.60% 1366 x 768 10.91% 1440 x 900 3.40% 1600 x 900 2.65% 1680 x 1050 2.07% - 1920 x 1080 63.51% - 1920 x 1200 0.83% - 2560 x 1080 1.13% 2560 x 1440 6.06% 3440 x 1440 0.82% 3840 x 2160 2.17%
  5. To each their own. We probably agree that there's value in not losing our history and there's no library system for games. Archive.org maybe, but I wouldn't trust that to stay forever either. Talking about archive.org, they host TOSEC collections which include bad dumps. While I never understood why people want copies of those, I on the other hand have roms for systems that no emulators exist ie I'm betting on someone way smarter than me creating one in the future. And then there's people who collect things just to collect things. Nothing wrong with hobbies; pointless activities are not pointless if they make you happy or at least less sad
  6. SIgned in to report the same. Can't remember how it was before, but I vaguely remember that it didn't look like this before; here's my accepted removal request. The "updated value" leads to the game I was trying to remove.
  7. Great, thanks. Doesn't really matter that the count is wrong as long as it doesn't signal an impending doom for the database
  8. Total Pending Changes 42 I haven't been here in few weeks; was there a massive moderation backlog or are these now doomed to be pending forever? :)
  9. Such a strange thing. Here's mine. I have no idea what happened. \data\Platforms.xml is apparently the culprit as it has entries like So I guess I'll manually rename the folders back to what they used to be and hope the file doesn't get rewritten again by whatever did it the last time
  10. Looking into it, the naming convention for some/most of the directories has changed; for example "Images\Windows\Box - Front" has changed to "Images\Windows\Front" but images were not imported in the process. Same goes with Back, Screenshots and probably some others. Why did this happen and is there some convenient way to fix this? Is this a bug on this release or is it just me? This is not exactly trivial to fix as I'm running 150 platforms so I will have to rename 150 directories per category \:D/
  11. So I have 466 FM Towns-games I was thinking about adding when I noticed DB only has its console brother FM Towns Marty. Marty is backward compatible with FM Towns but is not the same thing. Should I a) add the games as Marty as they do run with it or b) hold until FM Towns is added as a separate platform somewhere around 2025?
  12. The ability to choose two things (filters) from list view. Standard Windows controls ie clicking the second item+CTRL. Like Action + Horror, or Ubisoft + Ubisoft inc. Latter would especially make it easier to browse through and/or fix the developer/publisher mess.
  13. Buffalo DriveStation (connected with USB), so that's covered. When I have something backup-worthy on my NAS, I need to back them up to my local HD or that Buffalo first. Yeah, for $5, I'm sure something sucks I'm not expecting everything to break simultaneously, but should that happen, restoring everything from the service would either suck OR cost plenty of money, As long as you're dealing with single HD breaking down, downloading the stuff is convenient enough; I tested it once and it worked just fine. If you found some specific evil they are doing that I didn't just cover, I'm definitely interested. DVD-era: Exactly what you said. From 6th gen, Dreamcast and Gamecube are completely doable, PS2 and Xbox are not.
  14. Yeah, the storage space is the struggle. I got about 10TB for games. RAID for now, though now that I have unlimited cloud backup for 5$/month (Backblaze), I might get rid of RAID just because I can OTOH as I 1) buy everything from cloud these days (GOG, Steam) there's no real reason to have them locally once I'm done playing and 2) my retro collection is more or less completed and 3) I'm not moving to next gen/dvd-era up until something magical happens in storage prices the storage requirements are not increasing too much anymore. To get the retro stuff to fit in as small space as possible, everything's 7z'd. This has required some annoying scripting to create bat files in order to, when clicking the game in LB, unpack the 7z and then mount the image with daemon tools before the game is launched. LB has the "run this command before running the game"-feature, but in the example you need multiple commands to be ran in sequence before launching the game, which it's not capable of. If I had unlimited space, would love to get rid of this annoyance.
  15. Tested; yes. This does not make any sense and just in case I was unclear in the beginning: most, maybe 3/4 of the list is sorted just fine.
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