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  1. I think this is already covered under the "use common sense" -rule Given that we weren't rickrolled, I'm assuming the submitter is not trolling and is only clueless. OTOH moderation is systematically failing. Suggestion: I have a similar hobby on documenting comics and what Comic Vine has done is quite clever. It's an elaborate system, but one aspect they are doing that could be implemented without having to rewrite a whole lot of code: Person needs to get a certain amount of points before moderation is available. Points are given for each accepted submission and lost for each declined submission. This would raise the quality of moderation and would likely lessen the chances Polish video reviews to go through. We should also try to compile submission and moderation rules and pin the post.
  2. Somewhat tough to make a quality moderation decision without knowing the game
  3. I had this problem right now, I've (succesfully) integrated to Steam aeons ago, hadn't changed anything.. and it still was my fault! So, instead of just my steam id, I had the whole URL in the Custom URL box. I probably pasted it wrong years ago but whatever the case the integration worked up until recently. Posted this here in case the future user does like me ie googles the problem and ends up on this page. So: don't be blind like me and check that the Custom URL only has your handle and nothing else Side note: Launchbox's been telling me that I'm succesfully connected to Steam. Only after buying the game and realizing it didn't get imported I noticed there's something wrong.
  4. When "Show screenshots" is selected in game details, specifically. When I uncheck the box, everything is visible. Pictures explain it better than I could. THe ones missing in this example are box - front and fanart; so "show screenshot" might mean "only show pictures in screenshot category"?
  5. Minor problem really as it seems to be rare, changing the size of the sidebar will stop it and, at least for me, LB stays fully functional ie doesn't lock up during the dance as previously reported so this will totally stay as my default theme
  6. What a fantastic theme! Some games are making the game details dance around, here's an example (not sure if animated gifs work here, let's find out (edit: forgot to mention that changing the game details size will stop that, though it probably makes some other game somewhere else do the same) :
  7. Short and sweet: looks like this: If I then go to image view and back, things are as they should be: Whenever I open LB, it defaults back to the first pic. Switching themes or colors doesn't do anything.
  8. Fantastic! To help the future googler, by adding that line to the "Custom Command-line Parameters" under emulation on "Edit Game", I can conveniently and temporarily disable them on game by game basis while otherwise enjoying them. Thanks!
  9. What I really wanted was to remove Bezels from Mame screenshots so that all you fine people are not annoyed by my DB screenshot contributions. Turns out even when disabling them from within MAME settings, they still appear on screenshots (Googled, MAME feature, no convenient workaround). I'd rather not delete them completely and manually removing them whenever I want to take a screenshot feels stupid and cumbersome. As things got complicated, figured I'll just disable them from LB as that's where they got installed but can't find away. Help? "There is no way to disable/uninstall/control them from LB" is also an acceptable answer Two screenshots with Bezels disabled; Mame screenshot on the left, snipping tool on the right.
  10. Thanks for this and thanks for adding the explanation. I've been accepting your entries today and I think the first one was where you replaced an existing vertical spine with an upside-down horizontal one, so I was confused and had to look into it. Thanks to your reason, I got it. BTW you might want to add a link to this post to your reason as there's only so much you can write on it. As spines are relatively new addition, they're being populated quite heavily and I've been moderating spines horizontally, vertically, the right way & upside down. I'm sure a lot of these will get rejected or approved for all the wrong reasons. I'm not even blaming the lazy moderators as "it depends" is slightly tough to moderate
  11. Yeah it's a big one And yes, migration is a bitch, at work and at home. It will require some manual labor unless you're better than me in scripting. It's been awhile, but I was having the exact same nightmare and I avoided it successfully by doing the following (I think you don't have previously installed Win3x games on your existing LB installation, but I'm typing those instructions in as well for future googlers ie who are trying to migrate two existing platforms inside LB. The steps are more or less the same anyway): To avoid confusion, let's call your existing LB LB and the new LB LB-exo. Let's also call your existing platform Win3x (if you already had it) and the platform we're about to create Win3x-exo. 1) Install LB-exo to a new directory ie creating a separate Launchbox installation. 2) After LB-exo installation, go to its LaunchBox\Data\Platforms to make sure the new platform ({name}.xml) is named something else than your existing LB's \Data\Platforms\ Windows 3.x's xml-file so LB considers it a new platform after migration. I can't remember what the name was, but I'm going to call it "win3x-exo" from this point. 2a) If the name is different or you didn't have pre-existing win3x games, you're done! Wheee! 2b) If the name is the same, rename one of the platforms to something else from GUI ie open LB, right click the platform and change the title ("Win3x -> Win3x_old" or whatever). This makes LB rename all the necessary files. 3) Open LB and create a new platform "win3x-exo" with a single game in it. This creates all the necessary files to your LB. Tools->Import->Rom Files, point to some random file, when it asks "what platform", be sure to name it "win3x-exo" ie the name that you found from LB-exo's \Data\Platforms\{name}.xml 4) Close LB and manually override the files of your newly created platform by manually copying them from LB-exo to LB. At least Data\Platforms\Win3x-exo.xml, Images\Win3x-exo & Manuals\Win3x-exo have the good stuff. Congratulations, you now have a new platform populated with plethora of games on your LB! Depending on where you installed or want to install the games, you might have one more annoying step ahead of you: 5) I don't keep my games inside Launchbox\games or even on the same drive where my LB is installed. If, like me, you keep your games elsewhere, we're going to do some file editing! Fun! I use Notepad++, you use what you want. As long as it has "replace all" function, you're fine. Open the LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\Win3x-exo.xml with your favorite editor. See the rows <ApplicationPath>[somepath]\eXoWin3X\!win3x\Aliens3x\Aliens (1993).bat</ApplicationPath> <ConfigurationPath>[somepath]\eXoWin3X\!win3x\Aliens3x\install.bat</ConfigurationPath> <RootFolder>[somepath]\eXoWin3X\!win3x\Aliens3x</RootFolder> Replace "[somepath]" with wherever you put your games into. ie open your favorite editor and Note that as I can't remember what [somepath] was, so if it's like "..\", please don't replace that but instead add stuff from its surroundings so you don't replace something you don't want to. ie you could always replace ">[somepath]\eXoWin3X\!win3x" with ">e:\games\Win3x\eXoWin3X\!win3x" to make sure it's unique enough not to break stuff. And now you're done! Well, unless you're like me and already had plenty of Win3x games installed. In that case you now have two Windows 3x platforms on your LB and you're about to start the slow and painful migration process by copying your existing metadata over the new platform wherever applicable. The pain depends on how many games you already had inside LB and how much custom work you've done as Exo has done a great job with images, descriptions and other metadata. For me, I use "Series" creatively (think tags; if a game exists that features "Ninja", "Civil War", "Politics" & "motorcycles", I think I'm the only person in the universe that can check it faster than one can type "mobygames" and don't want to lose them, so I had to copy the series tags over each game. Anyway, always think positive: when you're done and feel confident enough to delete the old platform, it feels like you've accomplished something! I know from the experience. Anyway, I know I was somewhat late to the party but decided to write this anyway because a) it might help the next person googling in b) for retrogamers, month is nothing Cheers!
  12. BTW https://www.retro-exo.com/win3x.html has every Windows 3.x game ever published preinstalled AND it uses LaunchBox as its launcher. Can't get easier than that
  13. No Disc, though it's been a long time I imported this particular platform so LB's import functionality might've gotten better? Well anyway, due to the sheer number of stuff I'm dealing with (225 platforms, 147 emulators and wild number of naming schemes in 139884 games ), I'm sure no importer can ever get all that right. So optional "extract all additional apps" would be the single solution to all my problems!
  14. I usually stop moderating after a quota of stupidity and trolling gets too much to handle for a single session. Today. all that is simply missing and instead there's a whole lot of quality contributions with quality reasoning. I think I've recognized some individuals during today's run, so kudos to: - The person who's saving space for all of us by lowering the file sizes without losing any quality by using lossless image compression - The person who's fixated on fixing all afterburner entries on all platforms, the level of detail is just beautiful - The person who's having a battle on redundant "Action" tags ie removing them from shooters, flight simulators etc - The person who's fixing regions here and there. patiently explaining his rationale, example: "There are NO REGIONAL games on itch.io. itch.io is a worldwide service" (The creative use of capslock tells me it's a single individual:) So: thank you y'all!
  15. Hi! Just found your plugin (thanks for crawling through bitbucket requests and finding my old request! As I didn't figure this out, figured I just ask: Starting point: a collection with disks as separate archives, example After importing to LB, one of them ends up as the main ROM file and the rest as additional apps. What I'm trying to achieve: All the content of the six archives would be extracted to a common folder when launching a game. Is this somehow doable today or did I just accidentally make a feature request for v2.15?
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