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Help with Emulator Assignment and Retroarch


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After some time away from Launchbox, I was trying to play some games today and I discovered that none are launching from the main selection screen. Everything is in a Dropbox location, and hasn't changed since I've last played the games. Retroarch is in its correct path, and cores are updated. However, when trying to launch a game directly from the Launchbox collections, the program blinks for half a second and nothing happens.

How can I force an emulator reassignment for whole collections (say, Arcade or SNES)? I don't remember having to specify cores from within collections.


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1 minute ago, Lordmonkus said:

Select the platform you want to change emulator for, select all the games using Control + A on the keyboard, right click and edit to bring up the bulk edit tool, in the field dropdown menu pick Emulator and in the  Value dropdown menu pick the emulator you want them to use.

Thanks for the tip. I was messing around over here and I did stumble upon this, but no cookie: even after reassigning it to Retroarch, games are not being opened when I hit Play.

I opened Retroarch and everything looks ok... Launchbox has the correct path to it. Any ideas?

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Just now, Lordmonkus said:

Did you set up each platform to load the appropriate core in the edit emulator window for Retroarch ?

I know in your first post you mention Dropbox and unfortunately I can't help you with that since I don't use it or know how it affects how Launchbox interacts with RA.

Yeah, I remember doing this when I last used Launchbox... so this should not have changed.

I'll try to reset a collection and then I'll see what happens. Probably something changed during the updates and borked up the paths.

Thanks for the assistance!

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