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retroarch hotkey reset problem fuse emulator


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When I press \ button on the keyboad to the left of z button on my logitech keyboard it resets the game when running fuse emulator

i have been into retroarch cfg and disable the hotkey for reset which was h and most other hot keys but no luck.

input_reset = "nul"


any ideas please?

Using retroarch for all systems just need to get the hotkey bindings sorted so i dont keep having accidents pressing wrong buttons and disabling sound , resetting games etc.

ive attached my retroarch.cfg

Would love to make it so nothing can be messed up, whole family plays it and would like to only have escape to exit retroarch hotkey

often my kids change shaders or wife mutes it very annoying :-)




Update after messing with config now when in emulator fuse which uses keyboard if I press the \ key it comes up with null message and i have to force close the game.

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You need to set an actual key to use to enable hotkeys if you want them to only go off when pressing a button.

It's these lines in the .cfg:

input_enable_hotkey = "nul"
input_enable_hotkey_btn = "nul"
input_enable_hotkey_axis = "nul"

input_enable_hotkey is for a keyboard key
input_enable_hotkey_btn is for a controller button
input_enable_hotkey_axis is for a controller trigger

You can either manually add a binding into the .cfg or you can do it through the RA UI. If you want to do the latter, go to Settings -> Input -> Input Hotkey Binds. Scroll down to "Enable Hotkeys", press your accept button, and then press either a controller button or a keyboard key. You can do both, in which case either one will work.

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