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  1. Yes it' approx 60gb from PD They put the bios pack their to so I don' need to add that to Roms folder Thanks
  2. Hi I'm using launchbox and retroarch for all my emulation including mame With my mame setup its the only standalone emulator I have installed I just added arcade choose retroarch and choose my Roms folder Which is located in mame0.191 folder and choose to use Roms in their location All other emulators I moved Roms to lunchbox folder. What I am unsure of is I have the 0.191 split set In Roms folder and I got the bios pack and put them in the Roms folder to. Is this all the right thing to do. The games I tested seem fine using lunchbox and retroarch.
  3. my fault found what it was. I was using parallel_n64_libretro.dll in retroarch and not mupenplus64 which i am using in bigbox I am learning to use this software. Even though I loaded retroarch and choose mupenplus64 core it was still loading the parallel_n64_libretro core found that out in quick menu information. So I just setup launchbox to use that core ( parallel_n64_libretro ) and the games what were running poorly now run fine. Sorry Thanks Haxel
  4. yes location correct thanks and done all the tweaks on the top post on this forum big box performance. Disabled all transitions and background images. Even tried clean install of Windows nothing else added and upto date drivers still stutters bad with big box but great with just research real shame as it looks awesome with covers and research thumbnails are poor In comparison
  5. that worked for me thanks I got my head around it now. setup controller input_enable_hotkey = "backspace" input_enable_hotkey_btn = "7" thanks
  6. I only have retroarch emulators installed and big box/launchbox frontend When I run a game through retroarch using mupen64plus_libretro.dll core the games run fast But when Running this core Through Bigbox the same games run really slow like they cant keep up. I have tested the same games over and over with bigbox open launching the game and then with just retroarch open Always works fine with just retroarch open but when bigbox open I get really bad slow downs unplayable. Older systems genesis/snes etc are fine. Using i5 intel graphics 6000 8gb ram not the best
  7. When I press \ button on the keyboad to the left of z button on my logitech keyboard it resets the game when running fuse emulator i have been into retroarch cfg and disable the hotkey for reset which was h and most other hot keys but no luck. input_reset = "nul" any ideas please? Using retroarch for all systems just need to get the hotkey bindings sorted so i dont keep having accidents pressing wrong buttons and disabling sound , resetting games etc. ive attached my retroarch.cfg Would love to make it so nothing can be messed up, whole family plays it and
  8. Hi, I am using retroarch for most of my emulators which seems to work really well except for the controller buttons messing up settings i think its due to hotkeys or something similar? E.G. Mame when i accidentally press back button and another controller button it messes with master volume and their are other combinations which change brightness level. even though i cannot find in retroarch options to change this. Also have this problem with spectrum emulator fuse which is really hard to get around as lots of the keys on keyboard change various settings and its hard not to accidentally
  9. found all i had to do was select all roms and choose expand.
  10. i tested virtua tennis 1 and virtua tennis 2k Playing about 20 times 2 player on demul then retroarch and retroarch on my machine was almost perfect specially on virtua tennis 2k couldnt fault it. demul crashed twice and when it was running now and then had slow downs and sync problems not bad was playable but not as good. But will keep demul for games reicast cant run Funniest thing was pcsx2 tennis 2k was terrible graphics compared to dreamcast version and have pxsx2 setup with best options. Dreamcast was really amazing console ahead of its time just wish i never gave it
  11. haxel666

    Mame split roms

    I imported latest split set from pd and some of my roms are combined like double dragon have to select it and choose between 2 different versions I left all default import options ticked ie all the filter clones non working games bootlegs etc Is it because its a split set or one of the filter options is there a way to show both versions of the roms so i have the neo geo double dragon and mame dragon us set displayed Would i require a non merged set to do this I have searched the forums and there is some help on this but dont understand fully yet. thanks
  12. I've been testing several games on Reicast Retroarch and Demul on an intel nuc5i5ryh machine And I have better results with Reicast from what I read on Demul is supposed to be better The sound stays perfectly in sync on the games i tested on Reicast but on Demul sometimes is lagging. I setup Demul with the launchbox demul guide. Is it because of my machine more suited to Reicast and not the more powerful Demul?
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