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performance really slow when bigbox running


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I only have retroarch emulators installed and big box/launchbox frontend

When I run a game through retroarch using mupen64plus_libretro.dll core the games run fast

But when Running this core Through Bigbox the same games run really slow like they cant keep up.

I have tested the same games over and over with bigbox open launching the game and then with just retroarch open

Always works fine with just retroarch open but when bigbox open I get really bad slow downs unplayable.

Older systems genesis/snes etc are fine.

Using i5 intel graphics 6000 8gb ram  not the best for gaming but as it works through retroarch without the front end I should think its possible to get it working with bigbox running in background.

Computer is setup for performance minimum apps installed and dont have any dodgy apps running in background.  

Have malwarebytes scanned no problems. Not running Antivirus when running bigbox  only have 35 background prcoesses and 18% memory usuage idle, cpu very low idle.  All the latest intel updates and system updates and bios.

With big box running it goes upto 38% memory i notice bigbox does use alot as its a awesome bit of software with lots of systems and pictures around 800mb so it could be that i need more memory to run bigbox and more powerful cores like mupenplus64

with just retroarch open and no bigbox im using 20% memory retroarch using 100mb

I am running nintedo64 via retroarch software without bigbox at the moment but if anyone has some tips would be great.




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Are you pointing Launchbox to the correct Retroarch.exe? Only asking as I remember a previous thread someone had the same issue and when that person imported Retroarch they had chosen Retroarch_debug.exe by accident. Double check that just in case. 

Outside of that I am not sure. Hopefully one of our more expert members or mods will chime in. 

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yes location correct thanks

 and done all the tweaks on the top post on this forum big box performance.  Disabled all transitions and background images.  Even tried clean install of Windows nothing else added and upto date drivers still stutters bad with big box but great with just research real shame as it looks awesome with covers and research thumbnails are poor In comparison

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my fault found what it was.  

I was using parallel_n64_libretro.dll in retroarch and not mupenplus64 which i am using in bigbox

I am learning to use this software.  

Even though I loaded retroarch and choose mupenplus64 core it was still loading the parallel_n64_libretro core found that out in quick menu information.

So I just setup launchbox to use that core ( parallel_n64_libretro ) and the games what were running poorly now run fine.

Sorry Thanks


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