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Screenshot Images not updating/changing


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I am not sure if this is a known issue or if I should be making a feature request or what.  When using Big Box, I am noticing that regardless of theme or view, screenshot images are not correctly updating, changing, or even appearing.  I have verified many of the games I am seeing this with do have what I believe to be properly named screenshot images.  I have altered my screenshot image priorities all sorts of ways to attempt to solve the problem.  I have refreshed and forced cached images.  I am now out of ideas.  If this is indeed a known issue, I'll stand by patiently.  If not, I suppose I am presenting an issue with a feature request to change out screenshots accordingly and if a game does not have a screenshot to just changed to no image at all.  I have attached some ... screenshots of what I am experiencing.  I am sure I overdid it but I want to properly illustrate the problem I am seeing.  I was previously using LaunchBox/Big Box 7.14 but have recently upgraded to the 7.15 beta 5 to see if the issues was solved.  I haven't spent much time using Big Box previously so I cannot be sure if this is a new thing for me or not.

I did attempt to search the forums... perhaps I gave up too easily. 

Screenshot Priorities.jpg

Screenshot Not Updating 1.jpg

Screenshot Not Updating 2.jpg

Screenshot Not Updating 3.jpg

Screenshot Not Updating 4.jpg

Screenshot Not Updating 5.jpg

Screenshot Not Updating 6.jpg

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Yes, everything in Launchbox is as expected.  However I believe I have identified the cause.  For me, the issue manifests when the option "Use Game Background Videos" is enabled/checked.  If enabled the background is a game video and the previously highlighted area is sometimes a screenshot but usually not.  However when there is a screenshot for one game that actually loads but not the next game, the image will not change until I scroll to a game that meets the criteria, whatever that may be.  The best i can do is attempt to take a video and post it, hopefully directly to this thread.  I do not know if my experience is actually working as intended or a bug.  I will attempt to take a video and edit this post accordingly should I succeed. In the mean time a screen shot of the aforementioned setting will have to suffice.  The issue, if it is one is easily reproduced by enabling the "Use Game Background Videos" option.

The Cause.png

Bug Or Working As Intended.mp4

After some review I am beginning to wonder if things are working as intended based on the options selected or if this is a user error situation.  Perhaps I am a bit silly but I like having the video in the background and a screenshot under the box art.  However, it would seem in most but not all instances with the "Use Game Background Videos" option disabled its mostly game videos that appear underneath the box art instead of screenshots.  If I enable the option, most backgrounds are videos but most screenshots (or what I expect to be screenshots) don't update below the box art.  I am banking on user error here but perhaps this is more of a feature request in the making instead of an actual bug or troubleshooting issue. 

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I am seeing the same issue.  The screenshot will update intermittently.  If there is a pattern, it is that the screenshot will correctly update if I am holding the "scroll down" key and then stop on a game with a screenshot. (i.e. whichever the game the cursor stops on will show the screen shot)  If I go down one or two games at a time, the screenshot will not change, so whatever was/wasnt showing before will remain.  All the other data including background video will change correctly. It's just the screenshot.

If it would be helpful for the developers, I can record a video of the behavior or attach log files. Let me know what you might like to see.

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I just installed Launchbox and imported some SNES games and am experiencing the same thing.

For example, My first four games in the list are ActRaiser, ActRaiser 2, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder, then Aladdin.

- When launching Big Box Mode and bringing up my list of Super NES games, ActRaiser is selected by default. The .mp4 video is playing in the background, the box art is displayed, but there is no screenshot.
- If I move down to ActRaiser 2, the box art and background video changes, but there is still no screenshot.
- If I move down to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder, the boxart changes, but I now I have a title screenshot.
- Moving down to Aladdin however the box art and background video will change, but the screenshot will stay on the Eye of the Beholder screenshot. Moving back up through the games (EotB, ActRaiser 2, ActRaiser) the Eye of the Beholder screenshot will persist.

It definitely looks like it has something to do with background videos being enabled. As I go through the titles in the library the Eye of the Beholder screenshot will not change until I get to another game that does *not* have a background video. At that point the screenshot will change to the title screen for that game, and then that screenshot will persist until I get to another game without a background video.

The Eye of the Beholder screenshot stayed there until I got to my English translation of Dragon Quest I.II. Then my background switched from the previous listing's video to a static art screenshot, and the title screenshot for Dragon Quest I.II was shown. Next on the list is the English translations for Dragon Quest V and VI, neither of which have videos for the background and both of which updated the title screenshot. Continuing to Earthbound the Dragon Quest VI screenshot remained.


However, after giving up and disabling the option to show the background video, I believe it's by design. By disabling the background video I see that the default behavior is to play the videos in that spot where the screenshot is non-persistent. I didn't notice this because I'd thought I'd already had the videos downloaded prior to turning on the option to play them in the background. Once I saw it wasn't working I then noticed I didn't actually have the snaps, so I grabbed them and then noticed the above behavior. I realize now that the default intent is to have these snaps playing below the box art, not have a screenshot below the boxart, and that's actually fine with me.

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