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Amiga CD32 does not start through Launchbox


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I am using winuae in launchbox, fs-uae has saving problems that I am not able to resolve.

From dos command line I write:

winuae64 -f cd32.uae -s use_gui=no -cdimage=Fullpath\to\.cue

and it works without problems

If I insert:

-f cd32.uae -s use_gui=no -cdimage=


in Launchbox personal command line and I try to start my rom...it launches but load only Amiga CD 32 logo with the request of CD.

So, I suppose, it loads all but it cannot find the cue file...


What I am doing wrong?




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Unfortunately I don't have a "definitive fix" for you because I don't do any Amiga CD32 emulation or use that emulator at all. But I would suggest having a try with some some of the settings in the Edit Emulator window, more specifically the settings I outlined in orange in the pic below.5a2b0eba20583_EditEmulator.thumb.png.202a7f17ca4cb0b8689faacf1faf0e09.pngTry the "Use file name only" first, then the "Don't use quotes". Hopefully one of those will do the trick for you since generally if you can load a game using command line only it should work in Launchbox.

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Y O U are GREAT!!

Yes, the problem were the quotes.

To use my command line I had to change the rom file name in one without blank, because with blank in name you have to use quotes before cdimage and after rom name. So changing name was a way to avoid the quotes problem! But I didnt remember that there was other paramther to change. Maybe now I can make work also the other roms!


Thank you again!!!

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