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LB stops responding when selecting a Windows game (other platforms fine)


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All of my Windows games are Steam games, all were added via the import functionality who knows how long ago and I tested a couple back then to make sure they work. Other platforms seem fine. If I click on a Windows game to see its details, LB freezes, the Game Details pane doesn't populate, and windows tells me LB has stopped responding with no option to wait. If I right-click a Windows game, the contextual menu opens, but freezes, but the game details window does populate the game's information. This ends in the same result as before - Windows tells me LB has stopped responding. I've tested it for installed and uninstalled games, neither work. BigBox seems to work fine for Windows games, I can scroll through them and enter the submenu with the game details just fine.

I'm running Windows 10. LB version is 7.14 and if it makes a difference I have a premium lifetime license.

If there's any additional information that would be helpful, just let me know and I'll dig it up. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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This maybe a codec issue that has been fixed in the latest betas. Do you have videos for your steam games? If they are .webm which they will be if they were downloaded from steam that is most likely the issue. You could check my copying that video folder out of the video folder temporarily and see if it still crashes. If that is the issue you could update to the current beta or wait as the official 7.15 should be available in the next few days. 

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