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[Big Box] Map Additional Apps/Version to button?


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I swore I seen an option but I could of been mistaken.  I'm trying to have it so when I click my Play button it opens the Additional Apps list instead of launching the game instantly. I don't want to have to open Game Details page.  I'm trying to keep everything simple and clean which the need to transition or open to another page. It would be helpful for choosing different regions or a playlist file for games with more then one disc.  Is there an option for this or am I out of luck?

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This is not currently a option I'm afraid, all that info is handled by the game details screen. The way I have mine setup is I have the game details screen switched off in the options but have set it to the select button on my controller, so I can open that screen if I need to but by default the game is just launched when I select it.

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