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I know the Clean Up function only mentions Images but I am curious as to how LaunchBox handles other obsolete metadata and items. Are Manuals, VIdeos, etc. left behind when a ROM gets deleted?

If yes, then this may be starting to eat up some of my ever shrinking SSD space! I would really not like to have to manually remove all associated files when removing a ROM but I suppose that is an option.

Any information would be much appreciated.

Thanks for all your hard work! This application has come a long way in the short time I've been using it!

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On 23.12.2017 at 9:05 AM, Lordmonkus said:

There is no reason to have your Launchbox install on an SSD, especially if drive space is an issue. Being installed on an SSD has been proven to not be of any benefit at all except for maybe the initial boot time which really isn't that long.

even for loading all the media files like HD Videos plus Wheels and so on? on my system I have some lags while I am scrolling through my games list and thought it would a benefit using a SSD

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The files are so small that an SSD really has no impact at all on performance.

SSD's really only make a significant difference on large files or things that take a while to load such as an operating system or games that take a while to load like MMOs or large levels like in Battlefield. Media files such as pictures and videos in Launchbox are quite small in comparison. 

On top of that people have compared the performance between SSD and HDD with Launchbox and there is no difference. I run mine on a middle of the road HDD and it runs just fine. Performance issues are usually caused by other factors.

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