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Are CHD files the way forward for cd emulation

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Are CHD files the way forward for CD emulation

I first found chd files in Mame, but of late i have noticed that saturn and TurboGrafx-CD

In my old hyperspin setup i had playstation cd's  bin + cue (some have wav as well  ie crash bandicoot)  format then zipped up except for multi cd games but the thought of not needing to unzip to a temporary folder every time sounds like it would make life easy.  Am i being unrealistic ?

Just wanted to know what everyone else thinks.



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You might be right. I was having a dig through the Mame Software Lists CHD torrent last night just to see what was actually in it and it has the full Saturn, PS and PCE CD collections in it (along with lots of other stuff) and each game is smaller than the cue + bin counterpart. I don't think emulators are just going to drop support for cue + bin any time soon but if I were starting out fresh and getting stuff I think I might be inclined to grab the torrent file and grab the individual games they from it.

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