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Launchbox lags quite a bit when displaying games and art. Should I upgrade my RAM?


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I recently got BigBox and I really like how it looks and it controls intuitively enough. However, I noticed that my PC (an old Windows 7 PC without any hardware upgrades or anything) lags and pauses quite a bit when I'm scrolling through all of my games, as it's trying to load all of the artwork and whatnot for each game it scrolls past.

If I upgrade my RAM, will it cause the scrolling to run smoother and with fewer lags/pauses? Or is this something that happens even with lots of RAM?

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Without any details on your system at all more ram will help and so will a dedicated 3D graphics card, also caching all your images in will help performance. The theme being used and certain effects will impact speed as well.

You should also take a look at this thread here to help you with performance.


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