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game wheel slow to load


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I am using cover flow and vertical wheel with full videos and wheel art, and notice that when I use the alphabet search for a game and skip to a letter too fast the game selection wheel doesnt load at all or is REALLY slow to load. I can still flip through the games but the wheel just isnt there. If I move back a little slower through the alphabet selection the wheel may or may not re-appear. Is there something I can do to mitigate this? I am not using a crapbox, as its a fairly decent computer but I might be bottlenecked by my old (almost full) 5400rpm HD, and I have about 3k mame games. It doesnt do this as bad on systems with only a few hundred games installed. Any body else have this issue?

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Usually this happens when Launchbox/Bigbox is still caching images as it doesn't cache them until they have been displayed and it does them in order (if you are on A and skip to D it will cache A, B and C before it gets to D). You can go to options/image cache and force cache both "Wheel Images" and "Coverflow Images". Bare in mind this could take a long time depending on your number of games, but it can be cancelled at any time and if you resume It, it should start from were it left off.

Hope that helps you.

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9 minutes ago, marmono said:

Thank you for the help, Your suggestion works and that definitely fixed the issue, but is that something I would have to do every time I shutdown/restart bigbox?

Glad it helped you. :) 

No you only need to do it the once usually, the only time you would need to do it again is if you update all your box art etc. then you would need to refresh the cache in that same menu to show the new art, then you would probably need to force cache the new images, what you have done now will keep until you refresh your images.


If you look in your Launchbox/Images folder you will see the cache folder, so you can always delete the folder and the force cache again if you need to for any reason, Launchbox will automatically create the cache folder again when launched.

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