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Correct Names of Roms to Use


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Im adding in Roms to my Launchbox database in conjunction with my emulators. The issue I'm having is that Launchbox isn't properly scraping info on many of the Roms that I add, because the names are most likely incorrect or just not being properly analyzed by my Launchbox. So, lots of the box art and game data is missing on my ROM titles. My question is, where is the Database located.. or how can I read what the proper names should be? Another words... How do I know what the proper ROM name is that Launchbox is looking for? Does it have to be exact?

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There is no "proper" name that is required or match up with some internal database naming. Launchbox does its best to ignore stuff in brackets and other junk in rom names but if you have really oddball named files it will throw off the the database scraping.

We do recommend using No-Intro rom sets for cartridge based systems and Redump or Dark Water for CD based though since those are sensibly named.

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