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MAME in Launchbox - So many games without cover images?


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Hi there,

Totally new to Launchbox, but getting the hang of it. I've had great luck with things like Atari, Nintendo, etc and have now gotten around to Arcade games, and have tried both the MAME and the Retroarch methods of importing them to Launchbox. I found that the Retroarch method imported just plain too many ROMS for me ( as in, many gambling machines, etc ). I went back and did the import through the MAME emulator instead so that I would have access to the 'skip' section of the importaing procedure ( such as skip music games, etc ). After importing, I have just over 2000 games. My question is, is it normal that only about, say, 1 in 15 of these games has a cover image showing, or a proper name displayed for the game? I was suprised to find I didn't even have a 'recognized' copy of games such as 1942, etc, but only one showing a Japanese? cover for 1944. Is this normal behavior for the import?

Thanks very much for reading and I appreciate any info, cheers!

PS - I'm working with the 194 version of the MAME and ROMS.

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