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Hi, I've designed this theme to work with every 4:3 resolution up to 3200x2400. I did the graphics and @wallmachine did the coding. This theme is a variant of the ARCANE theme. I changed some codes and did a new Platform View and added some new graphic. The theme uses custom banners for each platform showing the corrispettive controller, if you want a specific platform banner let me know (Note that i didn't draw all the banners, i search and modify other images). The theme also uses custom platform logos. If you have questions or problems, let me know! PS: Sorry for my english.


  • At the moment i no longer support the theme, sorry.
  • At the moment only supports 2 views as shown in the screens, Game list: Vertical Wheel 1, Platform list: Platform Wheel 1. Any other views will be the default theme one.
  • Install the font inside the zip file in order to make the theme work.
  • If you don't like the icons in the platform wheel (the star and the clock) i've put a background without them in Images\Core, simply overwrite the old background with the new one.
  • The playmode icons work like this: The icons with the plus sign are for all the modes with more than 2 players and for the multiplayer tag. For the modes "Alternating" the icons will be trasparent.
  • For the non-favorited games, the star will appear black and trasparent, otherwise will appear yellow.


  • The platform view shows the controller of the system selected, and the Favorited\Recent games wheels.
  • The game view shows a playmode icon and a favorited icon. Under the game title shows the Publisher - Genres - Year of the game, And of course the Video\Screenshot with the Front cover.
  • Video\Screenshots don't stretch but they maintain aspect ratio, so for example vertical arcade games do not look weird. For videos and screenshots that doesn't have 4:3 aspect ratio will have black bars to avoid stretching.  

Known issues:

  • The videos and screenshots with low res (320x240) scales at 300x240 with black bars on the right\left sides, even though the grid has the same aspect ratio. However this doesn't happen with videos\screenshots with 640x480+ res.
  • The genres are seperated like this "Action;Platform" but i would like to separe them like this "Action, Platform" But i don't know how to do it.

Currently supported custom banners and logos:



Nintendo 64

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Nintendo Game Boy Color

Nintendo Game Boy

Nintendo GameCube

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Genesis

Sega Master System

Sega Saturn

Sony Playstation

Sony PSP

Super Nintendo Entertainment System




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3 hours ago, ALIE said:

Looks amazing in the screenshots.

but when i try to change view in the platforms i get a error message and the view never changes 

Sorry, i fixed the error.. now it should work. Thanks for the feedback and enjoy!

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