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using two player XArcade for 4 way?


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Not sure where this should go so I thought I would put it in the Noob section.

I have a two player plus roller ball X-Arcade tank stick.  I'm realizing I'm never gonna play two player on this so I was wondering if I could re-purpose the two player stick and buttons to be a 4 way controller for the games that need it and leave the single player as my 8way.  Is that even possible and how would I go about setting it up?



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To change a Xarcade joystick to 4-way you have to open up the tankstick and on the joystick bottom remove the c-clip and flip the black spacer over and reinstall. This will only allow the joy to hit the contacts on the left-right-up-down movements. You can then just set the controls in Mame for 1 player as the 2 player side for games you want to use that side for 4-way only. 

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